New Boat For RMN

RMN and MMEA officials posed with a Pengawal class boat. RMN

SHAH ALAM: It appears that the RMN has gotten a new boat, courtesy of the MMEA. RMN chief engineer Rear Admiral Mohd Shaiful Adli Chung on January 19 2023 wrote a post on the service Facebook page on the transfer, though he did not identify the boat nor its purpose.

From the pictures from the post, one can surmised that MMEA transferred a single Pengawal class boat to the RMN. MMEA itself got the boat – with another 26 – from the Marine police in 2011 though only ten were put into service. It unclear whether RMN got one of the ten boats in service with MMEA or the other seventeen which were likely put into storage following their handing-over in 2011. This is based on the MMEA register of boats as it recorded it has 27 Pengawal class boats in its inventory but only ten active. Malaysian Defence

MMEA and RMN officials signing the handing over document of the boat. RMN

From RMN

KUALA ROMPIN, 19 Jan – Delegasi TLDM yang diketuai oleh Laksamana Pertama Ts. Rozaide bin Megat Othman bersama Timbalan Pengarah Bahagian Penguatkuasaan dan Penyelarasan Maritim APMM, Laksamana Pertama (Maritim) Pannir Selvan a/l Velo telah berkolaborasi secara inter-Agensi dengan majlis pindah-milik aset APMM kepada TLDM. Majlis tersebut telah berlangsung di Jeti APMM Teluk Gading, Kuala Rompin Pahang, hari ini.
Kolaborasi ini adalah inisiatif menang-menang melalui pendekatan utilization of resources secara berhemat di antara agensi.
Warga Navy People wajar berbangga dengan kerjasama secara kolaborasi di antara TLDM dan APMM dalam aspek pengurusan aset bagi memastikan kedaulatan serta keselamatan maritim negara terus terpelihara sebilang masa.
Sumber : Bahagian Kejuruteraan, Markas Tentera Laut
Artikel : Laksamana Muda Dato’ Ir. Ts. Mohd Shaiful Adli Chung

Gading Marine G2000 Mk II FIC 18m class.

From the above post, it is clear the Rear Admiral had put a good spin on the transfer claiming the close cooperation between both service in managing asset. Clearly there is a need for a such boat for RMN to take delivery of it even though it will be getting four FIC by mid-year.
Pengawal class. Screenshot from MMEA list of ships.

The Pengawal class is about fifteen meters long, has a top speed of 30 knots with a crew of seven. It is likely useful for patrol in inner coastal waters only. Probably be used to train young recruits on life at sea.
Pengawal class boat 48 which was put up on auction in February 22. It is unclear whether there was a winning bidder. APMM

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. In case anyone spins again the silly narrative of the RMN supposedly having no need for such boats because supposedly such boats should only be operated by the MMEA and that they have zero utility in chasing away ‘large Chinese OPVs’ – [1] Like all navies the RMN has a legitimate need for small boats to perform various service centric tasks [2] they are not intended to chase away ‘large Chinese OPVs’ [anymore that a HP Browning is intended to deal with human wave assaults]

  2. Welp! So now its reverse donation from MMEA going to TLDM. Perhaps they will give it back once they gotten the FICs.

    Oh and the ship forecastle of the 1st picture is lacking the ‘hump’ of the Pengawals.

  3. the 1st photo is a Malawali-class patrol boat. It is 25m in length. Not the Pengawal-class.

    You can identify it from the round porthole on the side door.

    Also the 1st batch of Pengawal-class passed to MMEA is 10 units. In total 27 units passed to MMEA. Currently about 12 units retired by MMEA.

    Is it Pengawal 47 or Pengawal 41?

  4. Whatever the case the Pengawal class is only good to kawal when conditions are very light and calm. I can’t imagine these ships can go out in anything more that sea state 1.

  5. Tom Tom,

    Sea State 1 is not an issue. Not comfortable but she wont roll over.
    Even the FACs at Tanjung Gelang can’t put to sea during the monsoon at times.

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