Happy Birthday KD Handalan and KD Perkasa

The latest picture of KD Perkasa. Her new hull looked beefier than the old one. The picture also confirmed that the Y 40mm gun was taken off during her OP Plus rebuilt. RMN

SHAH ALAM: KD Handalan, pennant number 3511 and KD Perkasa, 3512, celebrated their 44th birthday on July 17. Both ships were commissioned on July 17, 1979, a year after they were launched at the Karlskrona Varvet Shipyard in Sweden.

Handalan is of course the lead ship of the four-ship class which include KD Pendekar, 3513 and KD Gempita, 3514. Both Pendekar and Gempita will be 44 years old this August 21 as they were commissioned on that date in 1979.

A file picture of KD Perkasa showing her Exocet missile launchers, her Y 40mm gun and A gun 57mm gun. RMN

The ships were originally designated as the Second FAC (Missile) Squadron before they were redesignated as 1st FAC Squadron under the Patrol Flotilla. This was done after the class’s MM40 Exocet SSMs were retired, in mid 2000s.
An image KD Perkasa shortly after her delivery in May this year. Note the space on her bridge. There is also no main radar on her mast. It also appears that the Y gun has also been taken off. RMN.

As reported previously, Perkasa was recently delivered to the RMN after undergoing the OP Plus programme where she had her engines, generators and hull replaced. She has not received the locally developed CMS as with Gempita and Pendekar.
A group photograph next to the newly delivered KD Perkasa. Note the arrangement of her main superstructure. RMN

Perkasa is currently in Langkawi for an exercise – SeaEX Thamal 67/23 – with the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) together with KD Terengganu, pennant 174. Perkasa was involved in another exercise with the RTN – Exercise ThaLay Laut 24/23 at the Kuantan naval base together with KD Gagah Samudera.
KD Terengganu coming to berth at Mawilla 3 jetty in Langkawi in a social post posted by Mawilla 1 on July 17. KD Perkasa could be seen in the background. RMN

Both Perkasa and Terengganu are based at Kuantan naval base which is the headquarters of the Regional Naval Command One or Markas Wilayah Laut 1 (Mawilla 1).
HTMS Pattani pulling into Kuantan naval base on July 8, 2023 for Exercise ThaLay Laut 24/23. RMN

It is interesting to note Mawilla 1 did not published any pictures of Perkasa while she was taking part in ThaLay Laut but has published her picture taking part in SeaEx Thamal which is being hosted by the Regional Naval Command Three or Mawilla 3 which located in Langkawi.
PSTL Kuching birthday message to KD Perkasa. From this picture, we can ascertained that the Y gun, the Bofors 40mm was taken off the FAC during her OP Plus rebuilt.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. There was a bit of controversy when we ordered the Spicas in instead of follow on Combattes from CNM. From what I heard it was mainly due to prices.

    Ordered at a time when we wanted a fleet in being and a sea denial capability in line with threat perceptions; the FACs were [like the wooden hulled Perkasa class armed SS-11s the previous decade] the most capable in the region. We got our money’s worth several times over and like various things we used them for a role they weren’t intended : extended EEZ patrols.

    In the 1980’s several publications listed them as armed with Blowpipe but that never happened. A proposal to fully upgrade them in the 1990’s of course never materialised. I’ve had the privilege to board practically every ship class on private occasions but unfortunately never the FACs, PCs and Marikhs.

  2. These ships should be called KD Chimera!! They look good though, at least, not that it matters.

  3. The old guards keep on chugging.

    Out of topic, but was reported that TDM recently did their firepower exercise.

  4. Hulubalang,
    Where is the Y gun. I cannot see it either. You must have looked at a file photo…

  5. Tom Tom – “These ships should be called KD Chimera!! ”

    An attempt at humour? They still have utility; assigned for certain roles. A “chimera” would indicate something illusionary – contradictory to what’s portrayed or presented.

    Akmal – “Should retired already”

    Thanks for the revelation. I’m sure it’s news for all here.

  6. “Thanks for the revelation. I’m sure it’s news for all here.”

    You sounds frustrated, which I understand.

  7. Akmal – “You sounds frustrated, which I understand”

    You sound like you have nothing to say or contribute except the bare obvious which I “understand” and expect. Easy to make “smart” due to inability to say anything else.

    BTW I’m not “frustrated” because it is what it is …

  8. …: – “ for the rocket launch rails fitted to the side of the gunshield”

    No idea why they’re still there. Various RMN people, including COs, told me those haven’t been used for quite a long times .

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