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KD Gempita. RMN

SHAH ALAM: Back on August 4 2020, Malaysian Defence wrote that the Defence Ministry had issued a request for bids for the supply, delivery, and commissioning of “mini” Combat Management System (mini-CMS) for RMN’s fleet of fourteen fast attack craft of three different classes. The FACs are – six Jerong class, four Perdana class and four Handalan class boats. The FACs mostly purchased in early/late 1970s, the Perdanas from France, Handalans from Sweden and the Jerong were built locally by Hong Leong Lurssen shipyard in Butterworth.

KD Pendekar (3513) and KD Selangor going out on patrol during the CNY holidays. Like her sister ship, Gempita, Pendekar is also equipped with a satellite dome and an EO turret. RMN

Among others the RFB stated that:

The mini-CMS must operate with three multi-function consoles – one for the commanding officer – and a large display for the operations room. The bidder can select the Electro Optical Tracking System (EOTS) and its controller from foreign manufacturers though RMN will have the final say in the selection of it.
The EOTS will allow the remote control of the 57mm gun only. The mini-CMS will also need to be integrated with the legacy navigation radars and other equipment of the FACs.

KD Gempita going out to sea from Lumut Naval base on January 22. RMN

Unfortunately, the RFB was cancelled shortly after its publication without any explanation though the RMN continue with its Obsolescence Programme to extend the lives of the FAC fleet and other ships as well to ensure they can continue for at least another ten years or more. Last July, the ministry also floated a tender for the supply of three Fire Control System (FCS) also for the FAC fleet. Unfortunately, the tender was cancelled, again without any explanation.
KD Sundang coming into the National Hydrograhic Centre at Pulau Indah, in late January 2022. Note the satellite dome on the port of the quarter deck. RMN

Despite the latest cancellation, it appears that at least one FAC, KD Gempita, one of the four Handalan class, has been fitted with a new CMS. Apart from the CMS, Gempita and her sister KD Pendekar, are also fitted with the Gem Elettronica 115A Electro-Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) and also a satellite dome like the ones fitted to the Keris class ships.
A close-up picture of KD Gempita bridge during operations in early 2016. Note there is no satellite dome and EO turret. RMN

The new CMS on the Gempita, according to its social media post is the Advance Malaysia Own Combat System (AMOCS). It said the AMOCS was tested during live firing of the 57mm gun on static and towed targets during the operational exercise off Lumut on January 24 23. The post stated that it was successful in hitting the targets in the firing exercise.
KD Gempita crew in a group photo taken in mid-2022. Note the satellite dome and EO turret on top of the Gempita bridge. RMN

It is interesting to note that System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd (SCS), also have a CMS named AMOCS though it had not explained the meaning of the acronym. It is likely that after the cancellation of the second RFB, RMN went ahead and contracted an FCS or CMS for its FAC fleet with Gempita as the test bed. It is unclear though whether the CMS was sourced from SCS despite the similar acronym. (
A screen capture of the target hit by KD Gempita during the firing exercise on January 24 2023. RMN

–Malaysian Defence.

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