FIC, Flares and Sonar Decoys

Submarine launched signal flare. Lacroix Defence

SHAH ALAM: In his first speech as Defence Minister, DS Khaled Nordin, spoke about the procurement of assets and items for the Armed Forces. Among the things he mentioned was the MALE-UAS, MPA, FLIT-LCA, LMS, FIC and flares and sonar decoys for the Perdana Menteri class submarines.

The FIC and flares and sonar decoys are low hanging fruits as both are on order since 2021. In fact, the RMN Eastern Fleet Command took delivery of four FIC batch 2 today. The formal ceremony for the boats is scheduled next month with the minister likely to be the guest of honour.

Gading Marine FIC Batch 2 at RMN Kota Kinabalu base on January 12 2024. The RWS on top of the bridge clearly indicated that these are the Batch 2 FIC. RMN.

The request for bids for flares and sonar decoys was published in November 2021 but was cancelled shortly thereafter. No, fret though as the flares and sonar decoys had been procured as the quotation notice for their MTO has been awarded to Kudrat Maritime Sdn Bhd for an LOA of RM840,000. The specifications for the QN MTO called for the items to be shipped from Bilbao port in Spain.
Star signal flares. Lacroix Defence.

Despite being shipped from Spain, I believed, that the flares and sonar decoys were sourced from Lacroix Defence of France. I stand to be corrected, of course.

From Lacroix Defence website:

Pyrotechnic signals are a means of identification or signalling between submerged submarines and aircraft or surface vessels.

Our submarine-launched solutions are used worldwide by submarines to transmit, via a brief and predetermined code, information on manoeuvres or for a distress signal.

Illuminating Signals

Highly visible red, green, or yellow signals to communicate a brief, predetermined code (e.g. red: surface in an emergency, green: torpedo launch simulation, etc.)

Smoke & Illuminating: Fire & Smoke (White Colour) Day & Night Effects

To report the position or communicate a brief, predetermined code to naval forces or rescue teams.
Smoke Colours, Daytime Use

To report a brief and predetermined code to naval forces or rescue teams (e.g. simulated torpedo launches, etc.)


This countermeasure, implemented from submerged vessels, is intended to deceive active sonars (surface vessels, helicopters, submarines or torpedoes) by generating false echoes.

Anti sonar decoy (left) and signal flare (right). Lacroix Defence.

The specifications published for the cancelled RFB tallied with the items mentioned above. The numbers were also published but since they cancelled the RFB I am not going to put it down here. It must also be noted that French submarines were designed for the French made flares and sonar decoys.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Good to know the Gading Marine FIC equipped by: 1 x 12mm RWS and 2 x 7mm machine guns. Is that possible for the Gading Marine FIC to be equipped with ATGM like Spike NLOS (not necessary Spike ATGM as we dont have relationship with Israel)?

  2. The Karaok and MBDA MMP or even Javelin can be fired off the shoulder if needed. Of course we could have bought the Sea Protector which could be fitted with a Javelin in the first place together the gun. I think the rear deck guns are GPMGs.

  3. Marhalim, may we know what the current status of our mahamiru minesweeper? The last done SLEP is at 2008 intended to gain 10 more years.

    The last I heard is that the Hull need some rework due to it age

  4. Back when 15 to 5 was in over-drive, Mahamirus was supposed to be the first to be retired and even to the extent, two of them were basically were not manned. However when it was obvious that the programme was not going to work, the ships like the FACs and Laksamanas had short refit to enable them to do patrol work. It is unlikely the ships will undergo the OP like the FACs and Laksamanas though.

  5. Marhalim – Any update on the 2 Scorpenes, either getting AIP or new subs planned?

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