Fire Rescue Tenders For RMN

Rosenbauer Panther 4X4 ARFF. Note the roof turret on top of the vehicle.

SHAH ALAM: Fire rescue tenders for RMN. The Lumut naval base fire and rescue department (Bomba TLDM) will be getting two new Fire Rescue Tenders (FRT) or basically fire engines from Austria. This was revealed on Nov. 9 as the Eperolehan website has published an MTO tender to ship back the vehicles from Austria.

It did not name the manufacturer of the FRTs (as usual) but I am guessing that they are from an Austrian fire fighting equipment manufacturer, Rosenbauer. The tender for the FRTs was published in April this year. The company awarded the contract is Star Fest Sdn Bhd and the award price is RM4.45 million.

A Rosenbauer Panther 4X4 ARFF as operated by Colombia. Rosenbauer

As both tenders did not identify the manufacturer nor the FRT bought, we have to rely on the specifications of the original tender. Based on the specifications, I am guessing the FRT bought is the Rosenbauer Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle, the Panther 4X4 (I stand to be corrected of course). Rosenbauer website described the Panther 4X4

owes its sprint quality to its light weight combined with an engine output of 700 hp. More info at a glance: Maximum speed of 115 km/h, up to 6,950 liters of extinguishing medium capacity, 9,000 l/min pump output and maximum acceleration from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 22 seconds.

A Rosenbauer Panther 4X4 ARFF.

Why the Panther then – Rosenbauer also manufactures similar fire engines operated by the Bomba – Scania and Mercedes chassis? Because only the ARFF vehicles (mostly used by airport fire departments) such as the Panther is equipped with a roof turret as mentioned in the specifications requirements. The Bomba TLDM is responsible for the buildings, ships and the air wing located there so it is likely an ARRF vehicle would be suitable for all of its possible tasking the current fire engines which are long in the tooth as well.
Bomba TLDM fire engines , picture taken in 2020. Bomba TLDM

It must be noted that Malaysia Airports Bhd also operated a large number of Panther ARFF vehicles for its fire departments operating at airports across the country. These are the Panther 6X6 ARFF vehicles.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. The last ATM open held in Lumut naval base was surprised to see the old Mercedez fire engine still in use. Glad that they are getting something new.

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