A Record Maybe but Its Sure Show We Lack Strategic Assets

1) Airbus MRTT
2) KC-767 Transport
3) A RMAF Hercules. A globe-trotting taxi.

KUALA LUMPUR: The local media went ga-ga over the flight of a RMAF C-130 Hercules to Irkusk in Russia for the official hand-over of the Sukhoi Su-30MKM.

RMAF chief claimed that it was the first time that a Hercules had flown into Irkusk and this was the highlight of the news stories.

What was more interesting was the fact that the flight (return) took almost 38 hours with at least four refueling stops.

With our almost insatiable desire to fly everywhere, it is a wonder why the RMAF chief feels why the force hasnt upgrade to jet transports. They could double-up as multi-role transport and tanker aircraft.

RMAF needs a few jet-powered MRTT like we need oxygen. The introduction of the MKM clearly reflected the need.

It would not be too expensive if MINDEF could be creative. With Penerbangan Malaysia buying about 5) aircraft for Malaysian Airlimes, a dozen more aircraft could be ordered for RMAF, something which Malaysian Defence had highlighted before.

But we sure know how to see the trees without seeing the forest.

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  1. Malaysia does not have a good number of mig-29s and the hawk 2.08 is aging. Even though they both have extraordinary weapons, it could probally reach its target even with SU-30MKM on their side. I suggest TUDM buys SOME Mirages and more Migs including the Mig-35.

    Marhalim: Sorry bro, we cannot afford the East and West mix, its either we buy more MKM or sell them before buying other jets. The days of diplomacy-defence link is dead….

  2. ya what Marhalim say is correct. We cannot afford mixing the east and west fighter. So the best option now is more MKM, or the all new russian 5th generation fighter. Otherwise the mid-air defence missile program would better to defence our air space with least support element because currently we already have the state-of-art VERA E Passive Sensors radars to detect most stealth aircraft.

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