Hawk Silver Jubilee

SHAH ALAM: Hawk Silver Jubilee. The 25th anniversary of the RMAF Hawk is scheduled to be held on March 2, 2019. The celebration, likely to be held at the Butterworth airbase, will be the third for RMAF’s 90s fast jets after the ones for the Fulcrum and the Hornet.

It appears that the Hawk one will be the mother of celebrations – the fleet is the biggest and they will have the most personnel, current and former – compared to the others celebrated in the past. I am not purview of the events lined up for the jubilee but the organisers are trying to get as many Hawk drivers and maintainers for the gig.

Hawk Silver Jubilee. FB

For those who had served with the Hawks in the past please get in touch with the organisers as soon as possible. They can be contacted at their Facebook page.

Hawk M40-04 from 15 Skn at the Firepower Exercise in Gemas on May 22, 2017.

It is likely that there will be several Hawks painted in the jubilee colours for the celebration. Do not fret if you missed the unveiling as it is very likely that these Hawks will also be at LIMA 19 in late March, just three weeks after the jubilee.

Two Royal Malaysian Air Force BAE Hawk and an F-22 Raptor from Hawaii National Guard 199th Fighter Squadron and U.S. Air Forces 19th FS taxis during Cope Taufan 2014, P.U. Butterworth, Malaysia June 11, 2014. USAF picture

Elephant In The Room
Anyhow being it is the silver jubilee of the Hawk, inevitably we will have talk about the future of the fleet in RMAF. There has been a lot of talk about its replacement – the LCA – including its supposed candidates even though the much talk about Hawk upgrades remained unfunded. RMAF has also come with the Cap 55 plan but without a firm timeline and more importantly funding it must be seen as just another wish list.

BAE Systems Hawk 208 M40-34.

Recently, we were told that the Defence Ministry is coming up with a white paper for the strategic direction of the military. According to the ministry a sanitised version of the document will be made public in September after it is tabled in Parliament two months earlier.

Hawk Mk 108 M40-08 doing touch and goes at Labuan airport in November, 2017

Will the document be any different from the ones published in the last fourty years? And more importantly will there be money to implement the recommendations? If it says that it will take three decades to replace 30-year old stuff, it will not.

— Malaysian Defence

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