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KUALA LUMPUR: Reader Tajudin asked me to post interesting pictures of the show. I will add some to this if my Maxis Broadband connection worlks…aggh. Any ways I did not take many pictures during the show. Not too many interesting things for my taste or perhaps its just being there for the last 10 shows was a factor.

I hope to get to Eurosatory in June. I will make amends then…..


The Vamtac. All dressed up and no place to go. The funny thing about us getting the Humvee is that the principal user, the US is set to pick a new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle by the end of the year. So by the time our Spanish Humvee is up and running along our jungles, the JLTV will probably be in service. Talk about obsolescent!


The rear view of the Vamtac.


Fn Mk48 chambered for the 7.62mm Nato machine gun.

More later…

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  1. I’m getting that Blackhawk Down deja vu from the pics of VAMTAC. Just imagine the vehicle all slippery with blood and bits, used compress bandages and brass. It was our Kondors, hardly heavy armor by any stretch of the imagination, that broke through and got them back to safety.

    I know, we never did get into the movie (mighty morphin Malaysian-Pakistani) but how in heaven’s name can we ignore the lessons of the biggest battle fought by Malaysian troops while serving abroad???

  2. Saya dari kementerian pertahanan jawatan pembantu tadbir gred n17 yang telah diarahkan melaksanakan tugas untuk tim bagasi di klia tidak mendapat sebarang bayaran.. kenapa adakah kami buruh paksa atau pendatang? kami bekerja tak kira masa pagi atau malam , sabtu atau ahad tapi kenapa kerja kami tak di hargai?

  3. Saya simpati dengan nasib saudara. Saya merupakan anggota tentera yang telah berkhidmat lebih 20 tahun turut mengalami nasib yang sama dengan anda. Kalau kami bekerja syit malam, masuk jam 1700H dan tamat pada jam 0800H keesokan harinya. Alasannya, kami telah cop 10 jari.

  4. I saw the delivery of the HUMVEE yesterday evening along NKVE. I overtook 18 of them…all registered with ZC 17XX.

    damn freaking monster.

    Marhalim: You must mean the Spanish Humvees by Masdef…

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