MRSS As Well, Plan B Shorts

SHAH ALAM: MRSS as well, Plan B Shorts. In Malaysian Defence polls, the most favored MRSS design was the Damen Enforcer beating the Makassar class and the China made LPD. And it seemed that the MRSS was the next ship to be build under the RMN’s 15 to 5 plan until…May 9 of course.

Well the MRSS may still be build despite what the government is saying about the country’s finances. I am guessing here but I will say what the future holds for the military will be made known when the government announced its 2019 budget on November 2.

Al Quwaisat UAE Navy landing ship. Military Edge

Anyhow it appears that I was guilty of missing a potential MRSS candidate at LIMA 17. In my defence, I must say that I am old guy now rather set in his ways. Anyhow it is hard to be a one man show at a defence show with many exhibits.
AL Quwaisat of the UAE Navy. Militray Edge picture

The Plan B, MRSS candidate is the 80m landing ship built by Shin Yang shipyard operating out of Kuala Baram, Miri, Sarawak. The shipyard build two of the landing ship for the UAE Navy. Both were delivered in 2012.

Shin Yang brochure of the 80M ship

From Borneo Post.

MIRI: Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Bhd (Shin Yang) yesterday displayed the capability that a local company can be in par with the established global shipping and ship building industry.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy gave it recognition and acknowledged its local expertise and skills in ship building by commissioning it to build two 80M LCT training vessels.

“Our business relationship with the UAE Navy started way back in 1998 after we sold a vessel,” said chief executive officer Captain Ting Hien Liong at the launching ceremony for the training vessels – Alquwaisat and Alputaisi at Piasau Slipways Sdn Bhd in Kuala Baram.

The business relationship blossomed and a series of order for vessels were made by the navy to Shin Yang over the years, said Captain Ting.

“Alquwaisat and Alputaisi were the eight and ninth vessels commissioned by the UAE Navy to us and we believe that this cordial business relationship will continue to grow,” he added.

Present at the ceremony was Shin Yang Sdn Bhd executive director Ling Chiong Pin. The UAE Navy was represented by Col Mahmoud Yousif Basif Alzarooni, Col Abdulla Yousif Abdulla Alhammad, Major Mohamed Rashed Aldhanhani and Major Omar Taresh Moosa Alali.

Al Quwaisat of the UAE Navy. Borneo Post picture

I am not saying the landing ship build by Shin Yang fulfilled the role of the MRSS as envisioned by the navy. But with moeny tight, four similar vessels of this class or an enlarged variant would be a boon to the RMN for its operations supporting the five offshore stations in the Spratlys as well as those in ESSCOM AOR. RMN is aware of the shipyard’s capabilities, its Kedah class and other ships as well, have been sent to Shin Yang’s sister facility, Piasau Slipways, for refits previously.

— Malaysian Defence

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