Aludra UAV to be launched Next Year

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite his reservations, it appears that the Defence Minister has approved the serial manufacture of the made-in Malaysia UAV, the Aludra. The UAV manufactured by CTRM subsidiary company, Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd, is already being tested under operational conditions in Sabah (see Bernama story below).

But it appears that even a Malaysian made UAV doesnt like our climate based on the observations of the Dear Minister. One wonder how much improvement Unmanned Systems Technology can do to the UAV as the decision to launch the aircraft has already been made.

From CTRM website, we learned that the Aludra has a range of 150km (the maximum limit of its data link) and an endurance of 6 hours. With a coastline that is 1,700km long one wonder whether we need at least 50 Aludra to cover all the blind spots and 24-hour coverage….

It is interesting to note that Aludra’s range and endurance are mostly found in mini-UAVs already in service around the world.

Bernama story
Aludra UAV Will Be Launched Early Next Year – Zahid

SEMPORNA, Aug 3 (Bernama) — The ALUDRA UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) deployed by the Malaysian Joint Forces in Ops Pasir at Pandanan and Sipadan Resorts will be launched early next year.

Defence Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the UAV was capable of sending data and photographs to the operation centre for analysis so that quick follow-up action could be taken.

“Although I am happy with the UAV, I hope that it can be improved particularly the area of coverage and length of flying time during operations.

“We have to make some improvements so that the UAV is suited to the local climate, wind circulation and topography,” he said after visiting Kem Sri Wangsa and witnessing a test drive of the ALUDRA UAV here Monday.

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