Want to join the Malaysian Armed Forces?

KUALA LUMPUR: ON occasions, Malaysian Defence have received queries on how and when the Armed Forces are recruiting officers and men for the three services. I believed I had directed to these queries to the appropriate channels and hopefully these people are enjoying their stint in the armed forces.

Well, now thanks to the Internet, the Government had decided to expand the Armed Forces recruitment online.

Pengambilan Graduan untuk berkhidmat sebagai pegawai dalam perkhidmatan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Angkatan Tentera Malaysia(ATM) mempelawa warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan untuk berkhidmat sebagai Pegawai dalam perkhidmatan dalam Tentera Darat Malaysia(TDM) bagi Kor Agama Angkatan Tentera, Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia(TLDM) dan Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia. Syarat kelayakan dan cara permohonan boleh disemak melaui laman web TLDM dipautan Infokerjaya/Pegawai. Permohonan juga boleh dilakukan melalui online dilaman web JobsMalaysia.gov.my .

* Pemohon digalakkan mengemukakan permohonan online, Hanya calon-calon yang disenaraikan pendek akan dipanggil untuk ujian dan temuduga di pusat pemilihan yang ditetapkan. Mereka yang tidak menerima sebarang notis temuduga dan ujian pemilihan DUA(2) minggu dari tarikh tutup permohonan adalah dianggap tidak berjaya. Tarikh Tutup Permohonan : 12 Ogos 2009.

Those with the right paper qualifications and the heart should enlist ASAP before the deadline. Be prepared to sacrifice…

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. No need. Zahid Hamidi is going to arrange for UMNO cadres to get Commando training. Hmmm…shades of the Schutzstaffel?

    Marhalim: No lah, just a glorified National Service type of training to stoke their hearts and minds to obey all orders without questions……

  2. Instead of indoctrinating people to obey orders without questions (obedience is one thing), instilling REAL patriotism is much more important. Real patriotism that transcends race and political affiliation. There are many non-Malay non-BN-supporters out there who would be eager to pick up a rifle and defend this country when we’re under attack.

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