Lima Part III

KUALA LUMPUR: This will be the last post on Lima as the event had ended almost two weeks ago. Listed below are some nuggets from the show.

1) MRSS: I have no idea when the project will start, again the lack of money is a big factor, but when it happens the new MRSS will be a mini-Dokdo. Since it will be much smaller than the real Dokdo, perhaps around 8,000 tonnes. Efforts is underway to ensure a Malaysian company will be involved in the project although the ship will be built in South Korea. It will be much cheaper than the Dokdo perhaps around RM200 million to RM500 million per hull with another RM500 million needed for helicopters and other stuff. Three are expected to be ordered.ROKN Dokdo

2) Amraam: Pictured below is the first public display of the CATM Amraam on the F/A-18D Hornet. The CATM is the training missiles which clearly indicates that our Hornets are Amraam-capable. On the other hand, I had un-official confirmation that the R-77 is not available for our Flankers, yet.CATM Amraam on Hornet

3) PDRM Super King Air 350.
During Lima 09, PDRM for the first time displayed it Super King Air 350, of which three had been delivered. The three are currently used to train pilots and crews and a secondary air-mobility role, with two more examples coming next year. The two new aircraft will be fitted with mission systems, a SLAR and FLIR, which will enable the planes to conduct surveillance and border protection roles. The King Airs, which can fly up to 35,000 feet, can fly direct to Tawau from KL, are much better suited for the surveillance role than the CL-415MPs purchased by MMEA for similar duties.
PDRM Super King Air 350

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