Russia Buys 64 Flankers for US$2.5 billion

KUALA LUMPUR: Based on the story below, it appears that we overpaid for our 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM (US$900 million). The price for the 64 plane Russian deal (US$2.5 billion) was the same originally quoted for the Super Hornet, which include training and support of course.

From Ria Novosti
Russia’s Defense Ministry and the Sukhoi aircraft maker signed on Tuesday a 80 billion ruble ($2.5 billion) contract, the Russian prime minister said.

Under the contract signed at the MAKS-2009 air show at Zhukovsky outside Moscow, the Russian Air Force will buy 48 Su-35S, 12 Su-27SM and four Su-30M2 fighter jets.

Vladimir Putin said the contract “sets a record in modern Russian history,” adding that aircraft deliveries were to be completed by 2015.

He also said the Russian government would provide an additional $100 million to Sukhoi’s capital from the federal budget.

The head of Vnesheconombank (VEB), Vladimir Dmitriyev, said the national development bank would grant Sukhoi a 3.5 billion-ruble ($109 million) loan to start production of Su-35 jets.

The Su-35 fighter, powered by two 117S engines with thrust vectoring, combines high maneuverability and the capability to effectively engage several targets simultaneously.

It is equipped with a 30-mm cannon with 150 rounds, and can carry up to eight metric tons of combat payload on 12 external mounts.

Russia’s Air Force commander, Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin, said in July that up to three air regiments would be equipped with Su-35 fighters in the future.

Russia also plans to export at least 160 Su-35 fighters to several countries including India, Malaysia and Algeria.

–Malaysian Defence.

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  1. Those are mostly Su-35 single seaters, with no need of systems intergration of targeting pods, ECM’s and avionics from france and south africa. You can expect the price is cheaper. Just look at the price USN paid for the hornets, and compare that to the export quotes…

  2. In addition to our current Su-30 MKM fleet, maybe another 18-20 more Su-35 would be more preferable to replace our current aging MIG-29 fleet.

    Marhalim: IF we need to buy more Flankers, its better to buy more MKMs so we can have commonality across the fleet to reduce spares and training cost…

  3. i think its because of its a local product. Thats why the price is cheap.

    SU-35 and SU-30 already have commonality in terms of spare parts.

    SU-35 single seat is better for the MIG29 replacement as its a better in interceptor roles as it is a better aerodynamic design (no need for canards) and better engine abd overall better dynamic performance.

    Marhalim: The Su-35 have Russian electronics, different engines and others. Its like comparing apples and oranges, in my opinion, and therefore, it is better, if the money is available, to get more MKMs rather than Su-35. The SU-35 is built by KNAAPO and MKM by Irkut, that count alone make them different animals….

  4. In light of the problems with spares and low servicibility compared experienced by the Fulcrums, I think the RMAF’s top brass will rather ‘roll over and die’ before buying anything Russian to replace its Fulcrums. My feeling is that in 2-3 years, the RMAF will ended up with a small number of additional MKMs and further along the road, a batch of Gripens. Whilst I would prefer a proven platform like the Super Hornet, politics and cash could be a stumbling block again. Then again, lets start the ball rolling with a Cougar order first, which at least has a peacetime utility.

    Marhalim: I do not exactly know how the Flankers are faring in service, from scant reports its better than the Fulcrums but not higher than the Hornets. The best option of course is to purchase more MKMs (I am not saying its the correct thing) instead of buying other planes even Gripen or Super Hornets. Its foolish to think that spreading the dough around will helped RMAF. Of course rather than buy more dubious planes in the meantime, we should buy utility helicopters in large numbers, UAVs and transport planes and patrol ships…

  5. i do agree we need a large number patrol litoral country we need to strengthen our coastal and by that we need a large fleet of vessel patroling our lenghty coast

  6. In my opinion, I would to go for quality rather than quantity. There’s no point buying less capable MRCAs when we can get our hands on quality stuff like Super Hornets or perhaps the F-35. It is not only about buying an A/C but service and parts availability must be taken into consideration. It is also not practical to have to many types of aircraft and the best is always to keep it simple. A mixture of present MKMs & Super Bug + AEWC is good enough to form a credible air defence. Simply put it, we must have a quality Army, Navy and Air Force.

  7. For my opinion we just ordinary man, why dont we learned other technology, dont just comment but explored these example our neigbours country indonesia, IPTN/IAe capable to produce aircraft and helicopter locally by tech-transfer from other country,if there were nofinancial crisis maybe there can produce they on aircraft and helicopter, perhaps in future may combat aircraft or attack helicopter, but deferent on what we have here, i dont thing we has lack of financial, dont just “cari untung or komisen or cari nama saja” just few year ago we already develop our aviation industry but where it go, jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam, we as a 1 MALAYSIAN should improved more knowleadge in this aviation industry, until when we depend on other sources to get our own aircraft, weapons technology???????????

    Marhalim: Well I understand the need to be dependent sometimes its just not economical to do something just to fill a small part of our needs. If its cheaper to buy from outside, why not. The best thing we could have done was to work with other nations for example Indonesia and Singapore (similar to the Airbus consortium) to build an aviation industry, not a world beater but perhaps a small turbo-prop plane similar to the CN-235 for the export. We must be honest we cannot afford to spend billions of ringgit on an aviation industry that bleeds money from the country’s shrinking coffers. Yeah its great to self dependent but reality sinks in very quickly

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