MBDA Marte ER Completes Final Test

MBDA Marte ER on its way downrange. MBDA

SHAH ALAM: MBDA new Marte ER anti ship missile has completed its final firing test last month. The firing took place at an Italian test range in Sardinia.

From MBDA:

MBDA Marte ER exiting the launch tube. MBDA

MBDA’s new Marte ER anti-ship missile successfully completed its final test firing at the end of November 2021.
Carried out at an Italian test range in Sardinia, the firing was a key milestone in the validation process of Marte ER. It provided extra confidence in the performance level and reliability of this new missile.
A telemetric production standard missile with all functional capabilities and production hardware embedded was used. The only exception was the use of an inert warhead instead of a live one. The ground based launching system used was also in its final hardware and software configuration.
Using its mission planning software, the missile carried out a long range sea skimming flight. It made three main turns and a pop-up / dive manoeuvre during the last turn. A straight segment then followed up to the RF seeker activation point. Target identification, selection and tracking was extremely fast and proportional guidance started soon after.
During its terminal phase, the missile successfully performed its anti-Close-in Weapon Systems manoeuvre, hitting the target just above the water line at high transonic speed. This confirmed the outstanding effectiveness of Marte ER’s terminal guidance with its new solid state RF Seeker.
The firing also showed Marte ER’s turbojet engine behaviour was excellent for both “in flight start time” and thrust level.
This firing was the last one in the development path of Marte ER, which will enter into operation early next year

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Far – ”Can be installed on Laksamana class corvette…”

    ”Can”… Will also need a new CMS, new radar and other things. So together with the reluctance of the RMN to spend more than the bare minimum to keep them in service as patrol assets; won’t happen.

  2. @Kamal
    “So what?”
    We can integrate with our fighters and helicopters other than just ships, though at the expense of paying for the integration costs. Currently Typhoon and NH90 can carry it.

  3. Nah we cannot/should not/must not put any new things to old ships like laksamana and kasturis..Although unpopular and debatable,Its better for RMN to arm up The Kedahs (Slep/MLU with armament) and Lekiu ( Newer SSM and SAM )..I know i know that will take resources for other projects..yadda yadda but we got real imminent threat at our doorstep right now..Do not act like we are ready to face any of that..

  4. Even the philippines got their two ships already..their coast guard already got one brp gabriella silang and their first 90m opv already launched by mitsubishi..Where we should hide our faces now lol

  5. @Firdaus
    When politicians bury heads under the sand, concerns about hiding face is the least of their worries.

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