More Test Firings For MBDA MMP

The MBDA Akeron ATGW-MR after its launch from the Arquus Sabre SF vehicle.

SHAH ALAM: MBDA has conducted more test firings of its MMP missile. The company said on 14 December, 2020 that it has carried out the firing of the missile from an Arquus Sabre vehicle.

The release.

MBDA has carried out the first firing of an MMP missile from an ARQUUS Sabre special forces vehicle, as part of a firing campaign implemented with the support of the French Army and of the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA – French Procurement Agency).

The firing was carried out at the Canjuers military camp in the south of France, using ‘lock-on-before-launch’ mode against a tank 3,500 metres away, with a rapid switchover to ‘fire-and-forget’ mode, making the vehicle fully mobile after firing.

Once again, the MMP system demonstrated the accuracy of its target acquisition and the quality of its guidance system by achieving a direct hit, without operator intervention.

The MMP after its launch from the Arquus Sabre SF vehicle. MBDA

In addition to this firing, multiple engagements were simulated on the post, against fixed or mobile targets, with the vehicle moving around the test range, thus crossing a further milestone in the validation of the ergonomic, tactical and safety studies.

During the debriefing, the French Army’s gunner was very enthusiastic: “The firing installation is safe, its ergonomics make for easy aiming, and the missile was launched without any discomfort to the gunner, and as stealthily as ever.”

The MMP – the first fifth-generation missile to be deployed in combat – has been in service with the French Army for two years. Flexible and versatile, it has been battle-tested and deployed in various theatres around the world (desert, tropical, mountainous and Arctic areas).A valuable asset for Special Forces operating over long distances, the MMP allows for the resupply of munitions by airdrop.

A Metis-M ATGM of the Malaysian Army. BTDM

The MMP has replaced the Milan and Javelin anti-tank missiles in service with the French Army and special forces from 2017. Taking into account the battle experience gained from recent conflicts in which the French Army has been engaged, MMP is a response to the demands that have been expressed in terms of required capabilities such as: firing from confined spaces, “fire-and-forget”, and self-guidance with a “man-in-the-loop” facility.
Firing the METIS-M ATGM during a demonstration at PULADA in November, 2020. BTDM

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. How much is the MMP cost? I heard it will be much more expensive than the Javelin.

    I think everyone here knows my preference…

    anyway on the metis-m

    although not widely known, south korea is one of the largest user of metis-m in the world.

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