Precautionary Landing at Kuching

M45-06 at Subang in September, 2017

SHAH ALAM: RMAF F/A-18D Hornet M45-06 made a precautionary landing at the Kuching International Airport today. The aircraft made the landing after the nose gear indicator failed to lit up even though the landing gear itself was working. The two seater was returning to Butterworth airbase from Labuan after taking part in the recent Eks Paradise 4/2017.

Both crew members dismounted from the aircraft safely after it made the landing. According to the RMAF, the aircraft was scheduled to fly back to Butterworth, tomorrow. (Nov. 29, 2017).

One of the crew of M45-06 standing near the aircraft together with other RMAF personnel and fire officials.

It did not state whether the aircraft was planning to land at Kuching prior to the precautionary landing.

Firecrews checking M45-06 after the precautionary landing at Kuching airport on Nov. 28. 2017. Air Times

Back in March, 2003, another Hornet blew a tyre when landing at the Kuching airport. The crew of M45-08 ejected from the aircraft as it skidded from the runway.

From the Star.

A fighter jet belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force skidded on the runway of the Kuching International Airport here, yesterday.

The RMAF has not issued any statement on the incident but, it is learnt that the multi-purpose F-18D Hornet had a punctured tyre which caused it to skid on the runway upon landing.

Pilot Mohd Nor Rashid Samingin, 41, and his assistant, Abdul Wahab Ayub, 31, ejected from their seats for a safe exit from the plane amid a downpour during the 4.30pm incident.

Several fire engines from the Fire and Rescue Department and the airport’s own fire brigade, rushed to the scene after being alerted.


M45-06 on finals on at Subang airport on Sept. 29, 2017.

After repairs 08 was returned to service.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. extra hornets needed…money needed… if not new (superhornet) then used one (kuwaiti or aussie hornet?) should be helpful…we can’t rely on only 8 airframes for years to come although in peace time… the more the merrier…

  2. Lady Luck has not been smiling on RMAF of late, first the yet again stillbirth MRCA, then the Hercules incident and now another potential Hornet near miss… Hope to see some sunshine soon for RMAF.

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