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Hardly Believe It

SHAH ALAM: Hardly believe it. It appears that the government is warming up to the idea of getting the Hornets soon to be retired by Kuwait. This is the impression I got when told that the proposal to get the Kuwaiti Hornets was being discussed during the various events held […]

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Another View on TUDM CAP 55

SHAH ALAM: Another view on TUDM Cap 55. A guest post by …It has been 10 months since I had written a piece on TUDM plans here In that short period of time we have seen a historical change of government, and the launch of a very generalistic plan from […]

Malaysia - RMAF

New Radars For Hornets

SHAH ALAM: New Radars for Hornets. As you are aware the US Marine Corps is looking to replace the radar of its F/A-18 Hornets with a new active electronically scanned array (AESA) system. The program is needed as the service intends to fly its Hornets – similar to the ones […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Precautionary Landing at Kuching

SHAH ALAM: RMAF F/A-18D Hornet M45-06 made a precautionary landing at the Kuching International Airport today. The aircraft made the landing after the nose gear indicator failed to lit up even though the landing gear itself was working. The two seater was returning to Butterworth airbase from Labuan after taking […]

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Kuwaiti Hornets

SHAH ALAM: Kuwaiti Hornets? There is a possibility that the excess fighter aircraft offered by Saudi Arabia are actually surplus Kuwaiti F/A-18 C/D Hornets. Former Combat AirForces editor Alan Warnes, who came for LIMA 17, tweeted today that “the RMAF has been offered surplus F/A-18C/D by Kuwait”. The KAF’s multirole […]

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Eks Paradise 2/2015

LABUAN: ROYAL Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) conducted its biggest exercise this year with Eks Paradise 2/2015 at the Labuan airbase here from Nov 9 to Nov 22. Eks Paradise (Paradrop Deepstrike Insertion Extraction) is the amalgamation of various exercises conducted by separately by units by RMAF in the past. This […]