Destini Awarded Army 70mm Rockets Contract

PUTD MD530G on static display at LIMA 2023. Malaysian Defence picture.

SHAH ALAM: Destini Bhd on June 27 announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Destini Prima Sdn Bhd (“DPSB”), accepted a letter of award from Defence Ministry for the procurement, supply, and delivery of 70mm rockets (2.72 inch) to the Army. The value of the contract is a RM18.75 million, the company said.

It said the contract is valid from June 27 2023 to June 26, 2025. A performance bond of RM468,733.01 will be paid to the government as part of the contract, the company said.

The release did not announce the manufacturer of the rockets though Malaysian Defence was told that it is Thales Belgium, formerly known as FZ. The 70mm rockets is likely the unguided version though the company also offer the laser guided version..

A soldier helping posed a child posed for a picture on the stub wing of a MD530G fitted with a rocket launcher. BTDM.

The rockets will arm the Army’s MD530G light scout attack helicopters which are currently based at Kem Mahkota, Kluang, Johor. Destini Prima was also the supplier of the similar rockets which armed RMAF Hawk and Hornet fleets. The company supplied the rockets for RMAF starting in 2015/2016 time period.
A PUTD AW109 LOH and MD530G LSAH at LKT 2022. BTDM

Malaysian Defence was told the MD530G will be firing RMAF stock of the 70mm rockets at the upcoming Firepower Demonstration scheduled next month as the Army ones will only be delivered within 12 months’ time, at the earliest.
RMAF Hawk Mk108 firing FZ rockets at the Army’s Live Firing Exercise 2017. Destini is the supplier of the FZ rockets and its ancillary equipment. Malaysian Defence picture.

The Army was supposed to tender the 70mm rockets back in early 2022 but it was delayed until earlier, this year. The number of rockets tendered out was for 2,340 units. Only one company – likely Destini Prima – had entered the tender checks on the Eperolehan, today showed.
The 19 round FZ rocket launcher on the Hawk. They usually carry one of this launcher on each wing.

The MD530Gs fired their 12.7mm gun pods and 7.62mm mini guns at last year’s demonstration, held at the firing range at Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas, Johor. The guns were delivered with the helicopters.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. They should buy the guided version of the rockets. It’s a cost effective way to provide precision strike capability without having to buy guided missiles.

  2. It’s “cost effective” in the sense that precision rockets require less rockets compared to if they were unguided. Also note that whether rockets or missiles; guided stuff tend to have slightly less explosives due to the incorporation of the guidance system; not that this is a major issue.

    Ultimately these are short range weapons requiring the launch platform to be at a certain altitude. “Guided missiles” are for different operational requirements.

  3. Can it even be called a tender if only one company bidded and they actually won?

  4. Yes, its not the fault of the winning bidder if no one else sells the same things. They are a number of manufacturers which produced compatible rockets for launchers fitted on the MD530Gs. That is why I had proposed such procurement of lethal weapons be done by GTG deal instead of such tender process.

  5. GTG deals might not be healthy to alleged supermodel translators….
    Naw, tenders are still the most open option.

  6. I thought the little bird’s home is at kuantan..or now kuantan will base the upcoming blackhawk?

  7. The plan for the Little Birds is for 3 to be based Kem Mahkota and three for Tawau. The original plan was for all Little Birds in ESSCOM AOR. The Blackhawks will be in Kuantan

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