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Going, Going… Gone Part 2…

SHAH ALAM: Going, going..gone part 2. It appears that the deal for six MD Helicopters MD530G light scout attack helicopters is likely to be cancelled. Defence Minister Mohamed Sabu told the Parliament today that “the government probably need to go to court over the six helicopter deal made by the […]


Going, Going, Gone…

SHAH ALAM: Going, Going, Gone. The government wants to cancel the deal for the MD530G light scout attack helicopter and the MH109A5 self propelled howitzer. It is unclear why they want to cancel both contracts though this is likely as a result of the review ordered by the current government […]

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Report Lodged On MD530G Deal

SHAH ALAM: Report lodged on MD530G deal. Bernama, the national news agency today reported that the Defence Ministry has lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency (MAAC) regarding the MD530G deal for the Army. The Bernama report PUTRAJAYA, June 13 (Bernama) — The Defence Ministry today lodged a […]

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Fight The Horde

SHAH ALAM: Fight the horde. The Army is set to receive the first batch of MD Helicopters MD530Gs light scout attack helicopter, early next year, it newly appointed head Jen Hasbullah Nawawi said today. He says the helicopters will be received in batches. He says testing of the helicopters – […]

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105mm Light Guns Going Airborne

PORT DICKSON: 105mm Light Guns Going Airborne. The new Nexter 105mm LG-1 howitzers will requip the 10th Para artillery regiment which currently uses the 105mm pack howitzers. Army chief Gen Zulkiple Kassim says the first batch of guns will be delivered late this year with full delivery expected in 2019. […]

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Good Deal Perhaps

SHAH ALAM: A Good Deal Perhaps.It appears that the contract for the six MD530G light attack helicopter seemed to be a good deal, after all, at least based on the contract price. At DSA 2016 the government signed a RM321 million contract for the supply of the MD530G inclusive of […]

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Better Late Than Never

SHAH ALAM: Its better late than never, so the saying goes. When I first heard about the decision to order the MD-530G Light Scout Armed Helicopters in October last year, I expected that it will be delivered by 2017, at the earliest. How could it be delivered in 2016 when […]

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Helicopter Crew Protection

SHAH ALAM: AS previously reported we are getting four ex-Brunei Blackhawk helicopters most likely this September – once the most important stuff are finalised and is paid off. We are also supposed to take delivery two out of six MD530G light scout attack helicopters by year end. Both helicopters are […]

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Defence Contract

DSA 2016, Day 2

KUALA LUMPUR: Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammudin today – more or less – confirmed that the Blackhawks we are getting from Brunei will be procured instead of a donation. Its more or less as the defence minister did not say it himself but he left it to the ministry’s deputy […]

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Army 83rd Birthday

SHAH ALAM: The Army celebrated its 83rd birthday yesterday (March 1) and its obvious its feeling the pain of the current economic downturn though so far the plans announced earlier remained intact. However, the delivery of new assets will be “slowed” down to reflect the challenging fiscal environment. Speaking at […]