More Hand Grenades for The Army

HG85 fragmentation hand grenade. Wikipedia.

SHAH ALAM: The Defence Ministry has floated a tender for the supply of HG85 HE fragmentation hand grenades for the Army. Unfortunately, the public portion of the tender did not reveal how many HG85 grenades are being sought.

Other documents in the tender do revealed that the rough estimate of the order is RM13 million or US$2.9 million. I do not pretend to know how much grenades that amount of money should get us. It must be noted that the cost should include the supply of the grenades including testing.

A soldier being trained to throw a hand grenade in 2020. BTDM

Shipping is borne by the government under a separate tender though. A Google search showed that HG85 grenade was originally manufactured by Swiss firm, RUAG Ammotec. From Wikipedia:

The HG 85 (Hand Granate M1985) is a round fragmentation hand grenade designed for the Swiss Armed Forces, and is still produced by RUAG Ammotec in Switzerland. HG 85 is the internal designation of the Swiss Army and replaced the HG 43 from World War II.

On detonation, the steel body containing 155 g (5.5 oz) of TNT releases around 1,800 fragments, weighing on average 0.1 g (0.0035 oz). UK grenade range safety data suggests the L109 – and by extension all live versions – may represent a danger at ranges up to 200 m (220 yd).[2] It is primarily intended for use during fighting in built-up areas, trench clearing, and wood clearing. It is effective against unprotected personnel up to 10 m (33 ft) away, and protected personnel up to 5 m (16 ft).

As the specifications of the tender is not made public, we have no idea whether the Army had specified whether only company working with Ruag could make a bid. Or whether it will also allow other companies to supply the licensed versions of the HG85 grenade.

The Army had previously purchased environmental-friendly training grenades which will allow for their usage at smaller ranges. Live hand grenade training, AFAIK, are conducted at the Gemas or Asahan live firing ranges only.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Why aren’t those mini grenade become more popular in the army? Last I checked the PGA guys liked them

  2. Sorry, as a layman I thought, since grenade launchers were acquired .. soldiers no longer need to use ‘thrown’ grenades. Is it not practical and ineffective to throw, if you are in a building or a low canopy forest.

  3. 1. The army had V40 ‘mini’ grenades in the 1970’s/80’s.
    2. What mini ‘grenades does the PGA have?

  4. In certain situation, it is more practical to use hand grenades, even in a building or a low canopy forest especially at breathing distances. Firing a grenade from launcher is good if the target is much farther away.

  5. Why not smaller grenades more suitable for asian smaller hand like korea k413 or similar to singapore SFG 87?

  6. Anon – “Why not smaller grenades more suitable for asian smaller hand”

    I would think think that size/weight is not an issue; if it was the HG65 would not have been operated for more than a decade. We’re talking about something weighting a few hundred gramms; not a kilo and a half. A smaller grenade would have less explosives and a resulting less fragmentation/blast effect.

    This is similar to the spurious argument that a 105mm howitzer would have the advantage of having smaller/lighter rounds; on the basis that an Asian would struggle with a 155mm round.

  7. The grenade launcher n its special grenades cannot be used in every situation.
    1. The grenade for safety purpose will only arm itself once its 5 metres out of the launcher using an ingenious arming action that uses ball bearings to delay the arming of the grenade.
    2. In CQB scenarios, the hand grenade is a more viable way. Similarly, if the grenade is required to be thrown over a wall, a grenade is better than the use of a launcher.
    3. Firing the grenade launxher requires cover to be broken. Not so using a hand grenade.
    4. Grenade launchers are very useful over longer ranges, especially repellibg a mass frontal assault or attacking 9n a full frontal assault
    L8ve grenade trainning can be conducted not just at Adahan or the Johore ranges.
    During my time, live grenade throwing n grenade launcher trainning in Ipoh is conducted at the PGA trainning centre in Tanjung Rambutan. Even Claymore trainning was conducted there.

  8. That was interesting. Thank you.

    If we look at how things have evolved it’s notable that rifle launched grenades [first used in WW1] have fallen out of useage; as has the M-79 which we had and first appeared in the 1960’s. The advent of things like the Milkor is a perfect supplement for the hand grande.

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