Another Gravy Train or…..

KUALA LUMPUR: At first reading of the story below, Malaysian Defence was simply aghast by the idea of spending RM100 million for another staff college during these lean times. Ah, another National Interest project, one that even trump current and future capabilities for the military.

But then after a second reading , Malaysian Defence begun to wonder. They cannot be simply spending RM100 million on another staff college with plans to build the permanent campus for the National Defence University especially when everything else have been cut from the budget.

Malaysian Defence could be wrong, and the Pusat Pertahanan Nasional (Puspahanas) is simply another National Interest project conceived to fork out funds from the military budget or basically another gravy train for the well-connected but just maybe its really a cover story for the construction of a permanent site for the still-squatting Joint Force Headquarters.

The new college location in Precint 1 seemed to betray the obvious. The whole industry knows that the Joint Force Headquarters is looking for a permanent site since its was stood up three to four years ago. There is no space at MINDEF and Putrajaya seemed the obvious choice for such a facility.

I could be wrong though but since I am in a generous mood, I will let this fly….

“Puspahanas Will Be A World Class Defence Studies Centre – PM

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 21(Bernama) — The Puspahanas centre costing RM100 million will be a world class facility to train Malaysian Defence Forces (ATM) officers besides being the reference centre for military matters and national defence, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Abdullah, who is also Defence Minister, said it would also serve as catalyst for defence relations and cooperation among countries in the region and internationally in line with the government’s commitment to efforts at preserving regional and international peace.

“The Puspahanas project is one of the projects that will contribute to the attaining of the National Mission which is a continuation of the government’s plan to achieve long term peace and progress for the nation.

“We are now in the era of globalisation in all fields. In line with this, our military officers must also be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to face the challenges of the future.

“Realising this need, Puspahanas was conceived with the aim of providing ultra-modern and quality training facilities for ATM officers in military matters and national defence,” he said at the ground-breaking ceremony of the project in Precinct 1 here.

The project, undertaken by Awan Megah Sdn Bhd, when fully completed in 2011, will also house the National Defence College (MPN) and the ATM’s Command and Staff Training College (MPTAT).

Abdullah added that asides ATM officers, Pusphanas would also help in the training of Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) officers, civil servants and also military officers from abroad.

He said MPTAT would be able to train 180 officers at the level of lieutenant colonel and below at any one time while MPN would be able to accommodate 50 officers at the colonel and brigadier general levels.


Malaysian Defence

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  1. Very surprising, as the location was supposed to be at Templar’s Park and there was a groundbreaking there a few years ago, in fact the defence college library has a model of the proposed building at Templar’s Park last time I was there.

    Marhalim: Thats the reason I am speculating that it will housed the Joint Force Headquarters…..

  2. Dzirhan,
    you are correct the Puspahanas was supposed to be done at Templer Park. Based on the list of projects dished out to cronies and made public by the Old Man in 1998 just before the sacking of Anwar. A project created 15 to 20 years ago appearing suddenly as of magic!

    88.Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah, Mohd Mokhlis Abd Jalil dan Anak Syarikat Negeri Selangor – Awan Megah Sdn Bhd – Penswastaan pembinaan Kompleks Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan Nasional (PUSPAHANAS), Templer Park Selangor.

  3. Can’t say online as not sure if it’s classified or not but the JTF HQ was planned to be located on an existing military station and not putrajaya last I heard

    Marhalim: I am sure its classified under OSA, the location of the permanent of JTF HQ but I believe speculating doesnt fall under the law although it may be a grey area. But from what I understand of the OSA, is that the transmission of the secret either by writing (all methods) or orally by a person or to a person whom are not authorised to receive the information or to transmit it to person or person who are authorised to receive , is punishable by the law.

    I am speculating since going about the ill-advised project during this lean times is too much of a mood buster. Speculation thats its for something else is more exciting. I was thinking of Putrajaya since its located near to the PM Department and Home ministry making it easier for those in the need to know basis to work together. The current set-up is basically that the JTF HQ is in need of a capability. Current military facilities lack the infrastructure to accept such an important place and furthermore the services undoubtedly would be very unhappy to lose that space when there is little hope of getting it back.

    To think about it all of the existing military station around the Klang Valley are located in very highly congested area apart from the Subang air base, the former temporary location of the JTF hq…

  4. i hear that island country going to held a runaway exercise for airforce in the highway street.

    Marhalim: They do that on a regular basis….

  5. why we not train our airforce like them?

    Marhalim: First and foremost of course, is money. The Singaporeans strategy also calls for their forces to prepare for the worst possible scenario, hence their decision to ensure that there are straight stretches of highways across their country to be use as temporary runways in case their fixed runways are disabled. They also make ensure that their planes though not designed to be flown from austere airfield can be flown safely from such temporary runways so they train on regularly basis on these runways, one of them located near Changi.

    It was for these reason some had wondered whether the singaporeans make an unwise choice to buy F-16s in the early 90s to beef up their air force but with hindsight such fears have not been realised. The Singaporeans also conduct live firing exercise not only for their army but air force and navy on a regular, weekly basis as part of their war preparations. They may not fire missiles regularly but the guns are fired; flares dispensed and dummy bombs are dropped during these exercises.

    We on the other hand are more relaxed than them…

  6. Hallo..this is good because can award plenty of contracts to pre-qualified contractors. UMNO, by contractors for contractors!

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