Three Seminars on One Day…

KUALA LUMPUR: No wonder the defence sector got a bad rap. They could not even manage to ensure that they dont trip over each other in holding important and beneficial events for the sector and its stakeholders. What happened today is a clear example of the lack of communications.

Ironically one of three events was headlined :Need For Better Communication, Coordination Among Agencies Involved In SAR Operations.

The three events held today were the Search and Rescue Exercise (Sarex) 2008 seminar held in Kuala Terengganu; the seminar on Global Trends and Its Implication On Security, jointly-organised by ATM and PDRM in Putrajaya, and the
the Asia Pacific Chief Of Navy Lecture Series organised by the Maritime Institute of Malaysia held in Kuala Lumpur.

Since the lecture series would have been planned in advance to get foreign speakers to come why did they held the other two events on the same day? Did anyone checked their calendar or simply no one else from MINDEF was invited to the event apart from the navy that the rest were not aware of it? Or simply another FUBAR by everyone?

What can I say more?

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Mhalim, the MIMA lecture did not involve any foreign speakers, the speaker was just RMN chief and attendees were mostly foreign diplomats and DAs, along with maritime industry people which was what the seminar was geared towards to so no conflict there.

    Marhalim: thanks for the clarification but still they could have done a better job of coordination….

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