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SHAH ALAM: More kaboom stuff. The Army is continuing with its recapitalisation of its ordnance stock with a slew of request for bids, namely for rifled 120mm mortar rounds/bombs, bangalore torpedoes and plastic explosives. The tenders were published on 3 September and closes on the 26th. This follows similar open competition for Carl Gustav and RPG ammo, 105mm rounds and Metis-M missiles.

Like other bids, the number of things ordered are small. For example for the rifled 120mm rounds/bombsfor the Thales 2R2M (Rifled Recoiled Mounted Mortar) mortars mounted on the Adnans and Gempita, only 1000 units are being sought for purchase this time. That said I have no idea how many of the 2R2M rounds are already in stock.

On the Way. Gempita Mortar carrier firing a 120mm round. 12th RMR

From the eperolehan website.

There is a requirement to equip the 120 mm Mortar 2R2M with 120 mm Rifled Bomb for the purpose of operations and training. The bomb will be use as anti personnel and anti material in the following types of operation such as follows: Offensive Operations. Defensive Operations.

Adnan with 120mm mortar preparing to fire a round. 12th RMR.

From the above I am not sure whether the rounds/bombs being sought include guided munition. Thales is marketing laser guided mortar rounds for the 2R2M with a stated range of 15km. That said other ordnance manufacturers are also offering similar rounds.
120 mm 2R2M system integrated on an AVV (Armoured Vanguard Vehicle) in operational situation during PHOENIX exercise 2008 in Mourmelon.

As for the Bangalore torpedo, 300 units are being sought.

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Army to be equipped with Bangalore Torpedo to allow safe passage of troops through obstacles and reduce battle casualties. The Bangalore Torpedo is one man portable device used by Infantry or Engineer troops which connect the number of needed sections then pushed it through the minefield or barbed wire obstacles before detonating.

A US Marine preparing to place a Bangalore Torpedo to breach a barb wire during training. US Army photo

For the plastic explosives, 7000 units are being sought.

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Army to be equipped with ChargeDemolition (Plastic Explosive) – PE as charges for an explosion. It is used in demolition operations,improvised land mines and other general work including underwater.

Slabs of plastic explosives during a US Army training. US Army photo

— Malaysian Defence

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