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SHAH ALAM: New aircraft in town. Airbus brought over a Brazilian Air Force C295 SAR aircraft to Subang this weekend to demonstrate the capability and the potential of the aircraft to Malaysian end users. Among the end user who flew on the are personnel from RMAF, RMN, Malaysia Coast Guard and the police’s Air Wing.

The C295 was in Malaysia as part of its world tour which was part of its ferry flight from Seville, Spain to Brazil. In the region, the aircraft first make a stop in Thailand and Vietnam. After a four-day stop in Malaysia, the aircraft flew to the Philippines this morning.

Brazilian Air Force C295 SAR aircraft taxying out to Subang runway. Airbus

From the Philippines, it will fly next to South Korea before flying over to the Americas, with scheduled demonstration flights in Canada, US and Mexico before heading home to Brazil, where the aircraft will be based in the Amazon. The C295 was the first of two SAR aircraft ordered by Brazil from Airbus in 2014.
The two workstations onboard the Brazilian Air Force C295 SAR aircraft,

Although Airbus hinted about Malaysian maritime patroller needs, company officials did not want to say anything specific on the issue saying that the matter would be best answered by the end users themselves.

Release from Airbus:

The Airbus advanced C295 maritime surveillance aircraft (MSA) has arrived in Malaysia as part of its two-week tour of Asia. The aircraft, which is on display at the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Subang Air Base, is a brand-new production model recently delivered to the Brazilian Air Force.
During its tour, the C295 will demonstrate its advanced intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance (ISR) capabilities, as well as the platform’s versatility and suitability for potential operators, especially in the Asian region.
The C295 offers a state-of-the-art mission system, lower operating and life-cycle costs and an earlier delivery schedule than its competitors. Its versatile cabin configuration allows easy and fast switching from one mission to another. It also features an endurance of more than 10 hours, high manoeuvrability, low-level flying capabilities, and a wide rear ramp.
For Malaysia, this makes it the best option for maritime patrol and surveillance, protection of territorial waters, and anti-submarine warfare missions. In particular, the C295 can work with other military assets to gather and disseminate in real time information such as images, reports, and tracks that are collected during the flight. This makes it ideal for inter-agency cooperation within Malaysia, as well as potential joint patrols with the country’s neighbours.
The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) also operates the CN235 transport aircraft, the C295’s predecessor. The commonality between the types potentially leads to an easy crew transition and even lower operating costs in the future.
Airbus foresees a demand for 1,200 light and medium tactical aircraft worldwide over the next 20 years. The C295 is the leader in the sector with almost 200 orders since it entered service in 2001, and a 75 percent market share in recent years. Around 150 C295s are in service with 28 military and civil operators in 25 countries, as well as another 240 CN235s. Together, they have clocked more than 1.5 million flight hours.

Brazilian Air Force C295 SAR aircraft.

— Malaysian Defence

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