An Open Letter to the PM-Designate

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Defence has a habit of writing open letters to the PM since starting this website. This time around its for the PM-designate, YB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is set to take over the hot seat, soon.

We all know that many are not in favour of YB’s ascendancy to the premier’s post. There are even rumours of people organising an ad-hoc movement to block the swearing in ceremony, when ever and where ever it is to be held.

Since this website on defence, we will leave politics to the sideline. Unlike previous open letters, Malaysian Defence will not offer any advice to the Yang Berhormat Bakal PM.

As YB had been in the Cabinet for the last twenty years and most of it as the Minister of Defence, YB will probably forget much more on Malaysian defence than what I will ever claimed to know.

Therefore any advice on defence is elementary. YB probably will know more what ails the armed forces and national defence than any one else in the country. Therefore, I believe YB knows what is the best option for the nation and its armed forces. Whether or not YB will use that knowledge and foresight for the good, its entirely up to YB.

It must be said however, YB’s recent statements does not inspire any confidence that spring is in the air.

As for me, I can only say Fortes Adjuna Adjuvat, Najib! Otherwise, it will be the shortest tenure ever or even an unfulfilled one…

Malaysian Defence

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  1. in today’s newspaper report (utusan malaysia) MINDEF in uninterested in getting YBs to better understand the National Defence Policy and will not invite YB to any ATM’s exercises. it is better to let the YB to see for themselves what ATM needs so there will be lesser “we are not going to war” mentality in the august Haouse.To maintain peace, prepare for war.

  2. I’m totally agree with u nimitz1941. They should have seen the ATM exercises themselves before making any unfriendly statements or arguments ‘The House’. Perhaps it will change the perception if not the mentality. Give them the opportunity to see where those allocations are spent.

    One might doubt the integrity or the transparency of the defence deals since there are another party who took commissions of any defence deal. My suggestion, just go for G2G negotiation rather than appointing a third party as a middle man. I believe there are people in the gomen who loves their country more than their own pockets. For evaluation and assessments just let those people in the uniform do the job and make the suggestions to the gomen. Then, the decision should be based on the suggestions by the evaluation and assessment team not in favour of any particular persons who have interests.

    Again,i agree with u. To secure peace is to prepare for war.

    Marhalim: All the defence deals goes through G2G negotiations. The problem is that when we finalised the contract, a local company will be appointed to represent the foreign company to satisfy the pendaftaran Kementerian Kewangan policy. Meaning if you know nothing about business but somehow was the proxy of some VIP, you may end up being nominated as the director/shareholder of a SDN BHD company which signed the multi-billion fighter jet deal. As your company becomes the proxy for the deal, you may end with up to 30 per cent commission for the deal. For example if the deal is worth RM400 million deal, the contract will be signed for RM440 million, the extra RM40 million is your commission for being the China Buta (no offense). Once the deal is signed, its foreign partner that has to deal with mindef for the things that need to be sorted out, ie parts and other stuff. Yourself? You and your third wife go for a round the world cruise. I know its a long winded explaination but its how deals are done in this country, thanks for the NEP…..

  3. i think what the ATM do is the right.we even do know whether there is a SPY among the MP member.

    Marhalim: The problem is with your scenario is that the spy agencies worked from all quarters not just at specific areas. Trade officers may well be spies. Our lack of transparency is also the main reason that graft is alive and well. Yes, there must OPSEC but hiding from the public what is basic information for foreigners are self defeating. That is the main reason our procurement programme get sucker punch all the time….

  4. Anyway….. as usuld I’m deviating from the original topic.

    Army A109 [M81-07] was at the Avalon air show. In 2006, CN-335 [M44-03] was at RIAT. So far, the only foreigh airshows the MiG-29s have attended was the Jakarta Air Show in 96.

    Marhalim: Its ok to deviate, Azlan. Its not you are trying to censor me!!!!!

  5. Our Defence Future will be the same unless patriots in the MAF, Industry, agency and companies related to defence voiced out in open public to bring awareness to all the rakyat..

    With BN and the constant corruption in all procurement deals + now with the PR stance of “No need for defence spending” due to the most of our rakyat who thinks there is no need for defence spending. Not to mention the politicising of military training, procedure and procurement withouth even thinking for a sec.

    They have forgotten that in procurement of Military Equiptment in certain circumstance will bring more jobs for Malaysians and make Malaysia better protected. They have forgotten that a new Heli for RMAF means easier and more efficient SAR effort in the events of Natural Disasters for example.

    basically Malaysia lacks Patriotic Leaders. Neither BN or PR can and will bring up our Defence Capabilities and Defence Industry. It will basically go down the drain unless MALAYSIANS itselt Wake up from the Slumber that they have been taught. The world is aint what it seems to be like what most Malaysians thinks, thus the current state of affair of our Military and Industry.

    Like the old Malay saying ” Di telan Mati Emak, Di luah Mati Ayah”.

    The world i live in, ive been taught that PEACE is THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER as history has proved many times till recently. I know most viewers of this blog share the same principle but other MALAYSIANS? Hell No.

  6. How silly. The primary function of the armed services is ultimately internal control given the lack of a credible external threat. The primary threats facing the government are internal and not external. The MAF takes its marching orders and cues form the civilian government and that is a situation that I would not like to change under any circumstance.

    Anyway, I am now officially campaigning for YB Khairy to be the next boss at Kementah. GOOOO KJ!

    Marhalim: he he….

  7. regarding spies and stuff.. heard stories that the way captured spies (at least those officers/members in the armed forces anyway) were treated. “missing in action during routine patrol duty” . Heheh.. loved that solution if it is indeed true. oops.. back to main topic.

    Marhalim: regarding the supposed do you know one is really guilty without a proper trial?

  8. i don see any other MP@politicians that really care about our defence accept najib,although he is entitled one of the corrupt politicians but he still gross up our military capability with some markup~self interest i think~at least he is the one who make a good relation with our generals and i think most of our boys like him to take care of defence minister.

    Marhalim: Two wrongs doesnt make a right….there is no excuse for corruption – theres a lot of them – its is this kind of mentality that has made Malaysia a laughing stock…our security has not improved in the last three decades, IMO. in fact the corruption has undermined them even with new toys for armed forces…

  9. ^^^^

    Greedy politicians and cronies at the same time taught our generals to do the same. Thus our local def indistry is facing alot of challenges. …Oh Malaysiaku.

  10. Marhalim,

    The new MOD, whoever he is, needs to restore the public’s faith in the military procurement process. To do this, he must take concrete steps such as

    – introduce intergrity pacts, I commented on this in your article on Defense White Paper

    – form a permanent parliament select committee on defence procurement

    – direct nego contracts over X amount must be audited and be subject to scrutiny by the select committee

    Marhalim: The integrity pact aside, one sacred cow they must change, if they really wan to transform, is to end the Bumiputera requirements for military procurement. The requirement for the pendaftaran dengan Kem Kewangan dalam bidang yang berkenaan is the sole reason that most procurements end up as money making project for cronies (CMMP0. That was how the Perimekar Sdn Bhd got the contract for the Scorpene deal which was described as the training arrangements but as now had been called as commission. The same thing happened with other contracts, NGPV and such.

    Direct nego should be scrapped all together. Most, if not all, were just CMMPs. We could asked for solicitations but if only one company respond, only direct negotiations could start. At the moment direct nego projects usually comes from the other side, the industrialist such as the current submarine rescue vessel project.

    On adding another layer of red tape, I am not too sure. But the Defence Minister should brief parliament on all contracts worth more than RM1 million. There is no need to specify details of the projects for OPSEC, . But they must detail the companies involved and how much was the prices must be listed in detailed, ie the companies that make the shortlist and we also need to specify why the losers lost…..

  11. There is no excuse for corruption, no compromise, no prejudice. But that do not come into account in my country’s cases. Certain individuals are excused even found guilty of corruption (even though the term used in my country is different) and another were given a warning. What if this person is just an ordinary people, do u think this person will be punished by just giving him a warning or just restrict him to contest for certain post? I do not think so unless he close to ‘someone’ at the top rank. That is how my country’s justice system works. BPR to SPRM, it is just cosmetic change. Reality is, my country has two laws. One for ordinary citizen like myself, and one for ‘non-ordinary’ citizen. I guess everyone can guess who i mean by ‘non-ordinary’

  12. The local defence magazines love to talk about ‘buatan tempatan’ but if the ‘buatan tempatan’ is not up to spec, is the MAF obligated to buy it just because its made in Malaysia? Even with government support, local companies have failed to make the grade. Remember the Aerotiga. Designed by a Swiss engineer in his basement, the Aerotiga was used by FTC1 for basic flying to cut back on the more expensive PC-7. Yet today, the Aerotiga is grounded. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens with the AV4. Unlike other stuff which Deftech and SME which just license assembled here, the AV4 is actually built here. I think the AV4 would be perfect for the TA 300 series battalions that have been converted into the Border Regiment.

  13. Question on shoulder launched weapons in the army…. We know the M-20 3.5 inch rocket launcher was replaced by the Carl Gustav in the 70’s. Before the M-20 was bought, did the army receive any PIATs?

    Marhalim: To be honest, I have no answer to your question. I will check around,….

  14. Marhalim, could you also try to find if the RAD used anything besides ex-British army 25 pounders before the Model 11 pack howitzers. I’ve been trying to compile a list of items the Brits handed over to the army, apart from Scammels, Bedfords, bren carriers, Lee Enfields, Sten guns, Bofors and 25 pounders. I’ve tried looking for online references, can’t find any. Thank you.

    Years ago, I read that the RMAF was offered the Lightning but decided on the F-5 instead.

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