The FUN FAIR’s back!! Part II

I refer to my earlier post on Lima 2007. As I have predicted, Le Proton Lima is not taking it lying down. But as a testimony of its own brittleness, its arguing about the use of its logo by the new organiser! No one can confirm whether or not Le Proton have copyright over the logo but in 1997, it protested when HW Lima Sdn Bhd (which was given the rights to run the maritime section of Lima) used the same logo. Le Proton apparently won the argument as HW Lima used another logo ever since then.
Le Proton also it seemed have signed up a number of exhbitors for the 2007 show. But with its right to host the Aerospace section of Lima 2007 taken over by World Aerospace Sdn Bhd, its elementary, my dear Watson.
Anyhow as I implied in the previous post, a llegal battle is brewing. I wonder whether there is still enough firepower in the air esp when it comes to Mindef.
Please check in again as this will drag on forever.
The NST which featured the story on the “dsipute” did not quote anybody. I wonder whose the source, not a wannabe-Italian potbellied Lothario, I hope.

NST today.

KUALA LUMPUR: Lima ‘07 is 18 months away, but already trouble is brewing.Following the appointment of new organisers for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition, it seems almost certain that a legal battle is around the corner.It is learnt that although the Lima series of exhibitions is a Government-backed event, former organisers Le Proton Lima Sdn Bhd are claiming the copyright to the logo.The new organisers, World Aerospace Sdn Bhd, has used the logo for promotion purposes and it is almost certain that Le Proton Lima will be seeking legal redress.Defence and aerospace industry sources pointed out another issue — the fact that Le Proton Lima had already sold 50 per cent of the floor space at the aerospace segment of Lima ‘07.The sources said it was most likely that exhibitors which had signed up for Lima ‘07 before this would have to sign up again. “This may create a problem as some exhibitors may be put off by this. Lima ‘07 may just lose these exhibitors,” said a source.That may be the least of World Aerospace’s problems as Le Proton Lima are almost certain to seek compensation for loss of profits due to this.At the helm of World Aerospace are its chairman, former Kuala Lumpur Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Kamaruzzaman Shariff; and former Royal Malaysian Air Force chief Jen (Rtd) Datuk Seri Suleiman Mahmud is its executive director. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak sprang a surprise on Monday when it was announced that World Aerospace would be the new organisers of the aerospace segment of Lima ‘07.Many in the industry, and even the Defence Ministry, were caught unawares, although rumblings about a possible change were heard even before the previous edition of Lima, which was held in December last year.Then, it was only a rumour, as the word in defence circles was that Najib, who is also Defence Minister, was unhappy that Lima had seemed to stagnate where exhibits were concerned.The exhibition had grown considerably in terms of floor space and number of exhibitors, but last year’s Lima was short on exhibits such as aircraft. Unlike previous exhibitions, participants and visitors were also unable to see world-class aerobatics teams like the Red Arrows of the United Kingdom, who are usually around for Lima, showing off their gravity-defying skills.

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