Antaltuya Murder Trial

KUALA LUMPUR: As everyone knows by now, the Altantuya murder trial has been postponed to June 18. Check out the full story at www.bernama,com.

The Mongolian woman family also sued the three accused and the Govt of Malaysia for RM100 million. I am sorry to say this but I wonder whether the woman could ever made that money in her own life time.

Anyhow, I remained skeptical that Antalyuya just happened to hook up with Razak Baginda just like. I still believe what I wrote last year that Antaltuya was hired or was in contact with a foreign spy agency to honey trap Razak Baginda.

Somehow, the spy agency misjudged the woman, instead of getting Razak Baginda, a confidant of Malaysian top politicians, they nearly got busted.

If only Razak Baginda did the right thing and report the blackmail attempt to the Military Intelligence, he would not be in the midst of the trial of the decade.

The bigger question now is whether the MI has found the spy agency which hired Antaltuya in the first place or was it the other way around, and she was just another Matahari, a free agent.

The court documents in the civil suit claimed that she lives in St Petersburg. Russia and her family lives in Beijing, China

That is the reason I am remained suspicious that the Mongolian Govt has hired a lawyer to oversee the murder trial, Isn’t her family involvement enough?

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