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KUALA LUMPUR: I caught a glimpse of a report on the NTV7 8pm news tonight. I was distracted by my kids and was not concentrating on the TV.

As far as I could recall the report was about a 20-year-old sailor is suing the Govt and the Chief of the Navy for injuries he suffered while training for the Pasukan Khas Laut (Paskal) or Naval Special Forces.

The report did not state whether the sailor, who was represented by his lawyer during the Press conference, remained employed with the Royal Malaysian Navy. If he is still in service, I believe that he could not filed a suit asking for damages for injuries while in service (whether in peacetime or war). I could be wrong and I stand to be corrected.

I am sorry for the injuries suffered by the young sailor but if this suit is succesful every service personnel or their next-of-kin in the Malaysian Armed Forces would sue the Govt for any injuries or deaths suffered in peacetime or war.

That is why when we civilians fly on Govt planes we signed a release ( better known as Sign Mati) so if anything happens we will only receive a compensation and not sue the Govt. The soldiers/sailors do the same thing when they signed on their employment papers and they cannot just leave the job on a whim like we civilians do.

I hope Attorney-General Chambers and the people of MINDEF act quickly on this case and not let the lawyer get a free judgement. If they did I will make sure that they will never hear the end of it!

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