Tender For Bren LMG Parts

SHAH ALAM: Tender for Bren LMG parts. RMAF has issued request for bids (published June 11 and ends July 2) for parts of various small arms which include the H&K P9S pistol and MP5 submachinegun, Remington 870 shotguns and surprisingly Bren 303 Light Machine guns. Also being sought are parts from Pindad P2 and Sphinx 3000 pistols, and FN 240 (MAG) machineguns.

While the small arms inventory in RMAF are small- mostly used by its Special Forces units – Paskal and its base defence – and are not as extensive as the Army, the inclusion of the Bren 303 LMGs was indeed surprising. Previously, back in 2015, RMAF itself revealed that it still had a number of serviceable heavy barrel SLR in its arsenal, I had no idea it still have the Bren LMGs in its stock, however.

RMAF personnel being briefed on the heavy barrel automatic SLR at a range at Kuantan airbase in 2015. RMAF

The RFB stated that it was looking from Bren 303 LMG which means its likely they are chambered for the 303 cartridge, the one used up to late 50 and early 60s before being replaced (they change the barrel and other parts) even in the Army with the 7.62mm cartridge.

A screenshot of the RFB for the Bren LMG spare parts

As the specifications for the RFB stated that it was looking for extractors and other parts it is likely that the intention was to use to put these LMGs back into service. I guess it will be cheaper than buying new guns as probably they have a tons of 303 cartridges stored somewhere.

Some of the firearms that were used by the police during the Emergency at PDRM Emergency Gallery in Johor. The gun with the curved magazine is a Bren LMG.

As seen from the picture above, a Bren LMG chambered with the 303 cartridge is readily identifiable as it is fitted with a curve magazine which aids in the chambering of the weapon. I have no idea whether the parts for Bren 303 are readily available though it is likely a sizeable number of the 7.62 version are likely to be in limited usage in India. I am not saying having the Bren in service is a bad thing, on the contrary, I find it most interesting. It will be great if they invite me to shoot them once the parts are delivered.

— Malaysian Defence

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