Its A Kind of Magic

LCS PCU Maharaja Lela. Her name could be seen on the stern. Picture taken on Aug. 23. 2017. The picture was taken on the open upper deck of a Pangkor ferry. Malaysian Defence picture

SHAH ALAM: Its a kind of magic. The Special Cabinet Committee on the LCS held another meeting on March 15 at the Defence Ministry. The committee comprised of the defense, economic, finance and entrepreneur ministers met to discussed on the direction and future of the LCS. According to a post by DS Hishammuddin Hussein, the outcome of the meeting would be presented to the Cabinet, in the near future for a final decision.

Hari ini Jawatankuasa Khas Kabinet yang dipengerusikan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Ekonomi), Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed telah bermesyuarat mengenai halatuju pemulihan dan penerusan program Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) seperti yang diinginkan Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM).
InsyaAllah, hasil mesyuarat ini akan dibentangkan semula ke Jemaah Menteri seperti diarahkan dalam masa terdekat. Turut hadir tadi ialah Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Tan Sri Noh Omar; Menteri Kewangan Tengku Zafrul; dan wakil Kementerian-Kementerian yang berkaitan.

The LCS Special Cabinet Committee meeting at the Defence Ministry on March 15, 2022. H2O

The statement above clearly indicated that the decision on the LCS remained elusive and unlikely to be resolved soon. As I had stated in that post, clearly what is dragging the issue is the outcome of the project – which remained uncertain despite what has been said. There is no guarantee that the LCS will be completed at all, despite the funding. The indecision on restarting the project is also making the target date for the first LCS to be delivered to the RMN in 2025, almost unachievable now.
The most recent picture of LCS PCU Maharaja Lela taken in November 2021. BNS via LinkedIn.

Clearly paying some RM3.7 billion (which is needed as those are for work done) without the LCS delivered – now or at least in six months time – is clearly indigestible to those currently in the hot seat. And there is no magic wand to make all the six ships ready in a short time.
General Affendi looking inside one of the LCS hulls during a visit in November 2021. ATM

It is also likely that the government would wait for the PAC to issue the report on the LCS first, before coming to a decision (I stand to be corrected, of course). Which I am guessing will only be made after the next general election – which to people with higher pay grade than me will be held, late this year.
BNS/Gowind Frigate model displayed at LIMA 2011.

It interesting to note that according to exhibitors list issued by DSA Exhibitions, Boustead is not taking part in the upcoming DSA 2022 show. No reason has been given for their absence though, the first since the company was involved in the defense industry in the 1990s.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. I hate to say this but Malaysia is beginning to develop some features of a so-called ‘failed state’. It’s not there yet but heading that way. Endemic corruption and severe issues with governance. Give it another 30 years and I may well be correct. The problem is in no small contribution due to the rather immature and myopic behaviour, especially our politician.

  2. Am not too pessimistic on outcome of Parliamentary Committee meeting on LCS. I see some ‘hammering’ of what the government can and will do for a start… Having said that, I daresay we’ll probably see a sole example of the LCS in 2025! Not 2, not 3, and Heaven forbid, 6 examples!
    By the same token, I see the Sitting Bulls in MinDef have consented to breathe new life (repowering, etc) in the smaller boats, ie. the CB90s, by engaging Shin Yang of Miri to do the job! Let’s hope more ‘hammering’ of knuckle heads is ongoing in MinDef and TLDM so that more worthy shipbuilding companies are brought in to build as new or revive ‘comatose’ projects like the LCSs. Amiin.

  3. The way I see it, the LCS issue is an extension of our muddled political conundrum. While by right we still have another year to go before GE15, looking at the issues still hanging and nobody willing to make decisions, LCS amongst them, I would prefer we just hold it this year fast and get it done & dusted. Hopefully we will have a strong Government with clear mandate then we can get back to doing business & running the country.

    Yes, I know some might insinuate, looking at recent results, that this would be unfair to the Opposition and those who clamour for change and whatnot, but really the past few years with rojak weak Governments relying on unreliable frogs to rule is an epic disaster and we wasted so much time. I don’t really care, BN ka, PH ka, PN ka, PAS ka, my foot ka, whichever side winning GE15 should win comfortably as to enable it to move with a clear direction.

  4. The longer they delay this program the more likely it will be scrapped. The gov should not thinking of local companies who is bleeding the people money dry. I recommend they terminate the project and imposed a heavy penalty to BHIC & ban them from entering future tender. Scrap the 6 hulls. Tutup mata lah 6 billion. Sell back any equipment or weapon purchased. Make new tender directly with Naval Group for 4 ships. This is the only way forward.

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