Border Security Redux

SHAH ALAM: Border security redux. The security services are deploying more men and equipment to border areas as the Covid 19 pandemic threatens to unleash a new wave of refugees to the country. The Armed Forces said it was ready to beef up its forces in the border areas as directed by the government.

RMAF A400M M54-01 being loaded with face masks bound for Sarawak on April 10 2020. TUDM

The Malaysian Armed Forces said it is ready to beef up border enforcement to prevent a potential Covid-19 outbreak from illegal immigrants entering the country.

In a statement on Friday (April 10), the Armed Forces said its chief Jen Tan Sri Affendi Buang stressed that the MAF was always ready to strengthen enforcement across the borders.

“Following new instructions based on the Prime Minister’s special speech, the MAF will increase control and surveillance, land, sea and air, so that it is at a high level.

“The Armed Forces will take several matters into consideration in creating a strategic plan to defend the country which will include any situation, especially when the nation is facing the spread of Covid-19,” it said.

It said illegal immigrants entering the country via illegal means could impact the Covid-19 spread.

The statement said despite its role in the enforcement of the movement control order (MCO), other operations were being carried as usual.

It is also said stronger enforcement operations at the borders would not disrupt its manpower.

KD Lekiu at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti

RMN, based on their social media, is also preparing its ships for patrol along the maritime borders. Apart from the military, both police and MMEA have also announced that they will be beefing up operations to prevent illegal immigrants.
MMEA AW139 M72-03. Apart from its duty with APMM, the helicopter is also used for various other duties. Picture taken in late 2013. Malaysian Defence

MMEA has stationed an AW139 helicopter to bolster its fleet of patrol boats in Langkawi to detect boats carrying Rohingya illegal immigrants to the island. Last week, a boat carrying some 200 Rohingyas beached itself on the island after its crew jumped ship likely to avoid arrests.It must be said if indeed the pandemic went out of control in neighbouring countries and unleashed waves of refugees, the crisis will be totally unimaginable.

— Malaysian Defence

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