Still Missing

Its been almost a week since a Hawk 208 crashed in the waters off Kuala Rompin. Despite a massive search operations, the plane and its pilot, have yet to be found. So far only the rudder have been found. Every body is still hoping that the pilot Maj Muhammad is found alive although the chance is getting slimmer. Last year when a Hawk 108 advanced trainer crashed in similar circumstances both pilots were, I believed, were ejected from the plane at the moment of impact. Both later died of their injuries. They were taken back to land by a fisherman’s boat. The actual wreck was never found despite a two weeks search.
From what I read about the 208 crash, I believed like the 108, it broke up upon impact, leaving small debris onto the seabed. Without a good side scan sonar and other equipment mostly used by treasure hunters, it would be difficult to find the wreck. Deputy Defence Minister said Sunday that they might get help from foreign experts soon. Too late I believe it already a week since the crash.
Apparently nothing was learnt from the 108 crash last year. If the failure to find the wreck was the result of unsuitable equipment, it must be so equipped. We are surrounded by the seas, and our pilots fly over water all the time. They need to know that we are equipped with equipment to find their ride if they ever need to ditch into the drink.

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