South Korean Aircraft Refuellers

Houyang GSE Hydrant dispenser aircraft refueller. Houyang.

SHAH ALAM: South Korean aircraft refuellers. RMAF is getting five South Korean aircraft refuellers, according to a multi-modal transporters tender published on the Eperolehan website on September 29. The request for bid is valid until October 10. The aircraft refuellers are to be shipped by sea from South Korea to Malaysia and delivered to the Main materiel depot at Subang airbase.

According to the publicly available portion of the RFB, the five refuellers are designated as 40001G. It is manufactured by Youyang Ground Support Equipment Inc. while the local company is identified as RUHM Aero Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Houyang GSE aircraft refueller. Houyang

Fourteen companies took part in the September 2021 tender for the five aircraft refuellers with bids ranging from RM7.9 million to RM21.2 million. As the MTO has been published, it is likely the winning bid has been chosen already although it has yet to be updated on the Eperolehan website.
Houyang Hydrant Dispenser aircraft refueller.

Checks with Youyang GSE website showed that it only manufactured a single type of aircraft refueller which it designated as the Hydrant dispenser. Youyang has sold more than 50 of the same aircraft refuellers to Egypt and Pakistan. From the website:

Fueling performances : 1,000gpm
Compliance : JIG Edition n.12, EI, KS
Deadman Control, Primary HEPCV & Secondary hydrant coupling regulation
Filter/Monitor or Separator filtration, Upstream&downstream sampling
Dual display Flow Meter, Hydraulic rewinding single wrap type hose reel
Safety Feature : Brake interlock/override, Dual(Engine&Deadman system) emergency Shut-off control, Manual static ground reel, Emergency elevating deck stop & lowering, 2 Extinguishers BC dry powder 9kg, Auto Shut-off_Diff. Pressure gauge & filter water sump, Pantograph type deck fueling, Dual viewer camera
Option : Auto transmission, Shock alleviator, Visual check fuel sampler, Emergency hydraulic power pack, Emergency air compressor

Hercules M30-04 from the 14th Squadron. Picture taken in 2015

From the pictures on the website, the aircraft refueller is built on a Hyundai truck chassis. The Youyang aircraft is fitted with a lift which will be a boon when it comes to refuel RMAF Hercules and A400M aircraft fleets. It is unclear whether some of the aircraft refueller will also be sent to Labuan airbase where the Hercules are also stationed.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. this is irrelevant news

    we want news of malaysia buying from korea

    – FA-50 block 20 for LCA/FLIT
    – AT-1K Raybolt ATGM to replace Metis-M
    – Chiron MANPADS to replace Igla
    – HDF-2600 frigate to replace Gowind

  2. kakadu – ”this is irrelevant news”

    To you maybe but to others it’s ”relevant” and needed. Thanks to Marhalim for reporting it.

  3. For RMAF use right? What’s wrong with the current refueller?
    Why the tank is small?

  4. Most of them are already old. The last time they got new ground equipment was in 2018 for the A400M. I was told that Subang has underground oil pipelines so the refuellers are simply just the host to pump the oil into the aircraft. Hence there is no need for big fuel tanks on the trucks

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