E-3 Sentry AWACS in Subang

As I was driving yesterday about noon, guess what I saw banking right out off Subang.
An E-3 Sentry Awacs. I cannot make out whether it was US, NATO or the Saudi version.

Since Nato and Saudi AWACS seldom fly out of their regions (NATO planes do deploy to Afgan) I believed it was a USAF version as the radome was totally black but all the the markings were almost invisible.

I cannot see much from where I was, I did not have anytime to take pictures (I did not have my camera on me) even if I did have my camera there was not enough time to take a picture.

It was bamking and flying away from me. I spent the rest of the day apart from sending my kid to his concert looking over the sky hoping for the Sentry ro turn back. I was not that lucky.

Is the AWACS plane in Subang for an exercise that is no publicised by Mindef. Earlier this year, RMAF held Cope Taufan with US Pacific Air Force at Butterworth. It was not publicised and apart from a few pictures on an aviation forum, there was never any kind of publicity over the exercise.

If anyone knows why the Awacs was in Subang, an emergency stop-over or part of an exercise, we all be mighty glad.

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  1. I was wondering why the fact that there was any air exercises held within our vicinities doesn’t get any publicity despite the fact that the obviousness – I mean, come on, we can obviously see different fighters and with different markings on them coming back and forth from RMAF bases. Red Flag did little effort to hide the fact that it existed, either; since there are people who do plane sightings there.

    Or is it that the military wishes to be so secretive about everything they don’t want to publicize except for things they decide to show to everyone?

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