ATGW Winner Confirmed

Roketsan Karaok ATGW-MR with its CLU and specifications. Roketsan

SHAH ALAM: IN an earlier article, Malaysian Defence posted that the Roketsan Karaok/Black Arrow – was the winner of the ATGW tender. Now thanks to the Eperolehan website, now we know that the local company which won the tender was Ketech Asia Sdn Bhd. The LOA for the tender is RM44.55 million.

From the earlier story:

Five bidders have been shortlisted for the tender of 18 Anti-Tank Guided Weapon Medium Range (ATGW-MR) which was published on April 18. It was supposed to close on May 18 but the deadline was extended to June 1.
The lowest bidder is RM42.075 million; followed by RM42.322 million; RM44.550 million; RM44.736 million and highest RM46.673.

Do note that only the last three bidders were in the final selection, so technically, it was the lowest bid for the tender. The specifications of the tender (edited for brevity):

There is a requirement for the Anti-Tank Platoon of Infantry Battalion to be equipped with Anti-Tank Guided Weapon Medium Range (ATGW-MR) which is capable to engage and destroy enemy armour and heavily fortified bunker at a distance between 2000 m to 4000 m.
Penetration Capability. It shall be able to defeat ERA and subsequently main armour plate at least 900 mm RHA with BAE to inflict casualty to crew and vehicle.
Attack Capability. It shall have Top Attack Mode and Direct Attack Mode.
Effective Range. It shall be between 2000 m to 4000 m.
Guidance System. It shall be Imaging Infrared (IIR) homing guidance with cooled or uncooled system to provide better imagery.
Warhead. It shall be tandem shaped charge.
Quantity of Missile. At least one (1) missile foe each launcher.
Weight of Complete System. It shall be not more than 25 kg.
Guidance System. It shall have Automatic Command Line of Sight (ACLOS) fire and forget guidance system.
Reliability. It shall be highly reliable when used in any environment.
Observation and Launching Unit (OLU). Minimum 15 years.
Missile. Minimum 10 years.

Do note that I was told Ketech Asia was the company that offered the Karaok for the tender when I posted that about the Turkish system winning the deal. I did not name the company for reasons. By the way, Ketech Asia is the same company that signed an agreement on May 24 with Abu Dhabi headquartered, Edge Group for the production and resale of Caracal CAR 816 assault rifle in Malaysia.

Ketech Asia CEO Mohd Nahar Mohd Nasir (left) and Caracal CEO Hamad Al Ameri, after signing the agreement on May 24. Edge.

The release stated that the two companies will conduct a transfer of technology that enables Ketech Asia to assemble the highly-reliable, mission-proven CAR 816 tactical assault rifle at its new facilities in Pahang.
Changing documents for the ammunition factory between PKNP and Ketech Asia. PKNP.

Ketech Asia has also leased some land near Kuala Lipis, Pahang, where it planned to build an ammunition factory. The factory will also likely be the site to assemble the assault rifles if the contract is signed.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Theres a debate on twitter about karaok procurement. They say karaok only exist on cgi and still experimental weapon.

  2. Rock – ”Ketech Asia will be new player in defence industry.”

    There have been so many ”players” over the years; many have disappeared and all want a slice of the cake that is the patronage system and most don’t offer any added value.
    Let’s see how things pan out for Ketech Asia.

    Haiqal – ”They say karaok only exist on cgi and still experimental weapon.”

    Some say that Elvis is still alive and that the Cinderella really seduced Prince Charming.

  3. I think Roketsan needs to update their brochure by replacing the CGI drawing with the actual photo of the weapon.

  4. Their main customer is government agency and military not your average consumer they don’t need to have fancy brochures and heavily edited video lmao

    Some of the biggest arms companies like Yugoimport and CASIC didn’t even have proper websites until fairly recently lmao

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