Tender for Marine Interceptors Closed

Marine Police FAC PC 31 built by Gading Marine. LOMOCean Marine supplied the design. NST picture via Polis Marin FB

SHAH ALAM: The tender for the Marine police interceptors closed on September 28 and 11 bidders have qualified for the initial review. As reported previously, the Home Ministry issued a tender for the supply of five fast patrol craft (FPC) for the Marine police. The tender was published on August 14 and closes on September 28, a period of 45 days.

Another tender for the refit for ten patrol boats of the PA class, issued on August 14 was cancelled shortly after it was published. It must be noted that the tender for the five FIC was published late last year but was also cancelled.

As for the 11 bidders, the lowest is RM89.934 million and the highest RM104.9 million. The other eight bids ranged from RM94 million to RM99.59 million.

As the Marine police estimate for the procurement is RM99.934 million, it is likely the highest bidder will not get through the first round of review.

The specifications for the interceptors (edited for brevity) are as follows:

Length overall (L.O.A): 18.0 to 19.0 meters.
b) Length Water Line: 15.0 to 16.0 meters.
c) Beam (Molded): 4.0 to 5.0 meters.
d) Depth (Molded): 2.0 to 3.0 meter.
e) Draft max. At full load: Less than 1.2 meters.
f) Displacement: Lightship: 20.0 to 22.0 tones. Loaded: 26.0 to 28.0
g) Speed Maximum: Not less 48 knots at 100% MCR With (27 tonnes)
h) Range: More than 350 Nautical Miles @ 35 Knots.

Propulsion shall be by means of twin marine MAN or MTU or equivalent diesel engines each having optimum power, minimal dimensions, easily maintained and repaired, protected against lubricating oil thinning having low fuel and oil consumption, and quick readiness for operation.
Water jet Propulsion Systems. The FPC shall be fitted with Hamilton or Marine Jet Power X400 water jet propulsion system.

Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS). The FPC shall fitted with Sea Rogue 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) base which shall be able to withstand gun shock/blast. The RCWS to be supplied and installed by the Shipyard. It shall be fitted with RCWS which is a remotely operated stabilized
weapon station for 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun. RCWS shall fulfil or better than the following requirements:
a) The system should be able to detect, identify, track and engage intruders.
b) The RCWS shall consist of Fire Control Console (FCC), Electro Optical
Sight (EOS) and 12.7mm gun. The RCWS shall be able to withstand the
harsh marine environment comply with MIL-STD-810 which is environmental engineering considerations and laboratory tests or equivalent for environmental test methods according to operational
temperature, humidity, salt fog, vibration, shock and electromagnetic

It is unclear when the winning tender will be announced. The tenders posted here like the APC for the GOF has not been announced as well as the marine police’s mothership. That said the contract might have been awarded but the ministry has decided not to announce it.

If you think the Defence Minister tender process is slow and tedious, one has to look at the Home Ministry’s one to realise that it is even worse.

— Malaysian Defence

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