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SHAH ALAM: The Army is looking to add more stuff to its armoury from mortar bombs, demolition charges and safety fuzes. As usual the request for bids were published in the eperolehan website and only minimal specifications were made public.

The mortar bomb tender which opened on Nov. 13 and closes on Dec. 8, the Army is looking for some 2000 81mm HE mortar bombs, weighing 9 pounds.

A mortar unit from the 10th Para Brigade preparing to fire their weapons during training in October, 2019. BTDM

The bomb is intended for use in training and operations carried out by the Malaysian Armed Forces. The bomb shall be able to be fired from the following mortar tubes: Mortar 81 mm EXPAL M86L. Mortar 81 mm VECTOR M8. Any Mortar 81 mm used in services.

The M8 is actually the Denel Vektor 81mm mortar and not as published. The last line is important though as the bombs should also worked in any 81mm mortar in service. As the Army was looking for new mortars together with its vehicle, new bombs purchased must work on them as well.

On the way, at night. BTDM

Unfortunately, they havent announced the winner for the new mortars though from the price list schedule, 10 companies had qualified for the tender with the lowest bid at RM88 million and the highest at RM98.5 million. There is also no announcement for the RFB for the 120mm mortar bombs in September
Firing 81mm mortar at night. BTDM

Demolition Charge
Another RTB published today and closes on Dec. 8 is the supply of 200 units of charge demolition (hayrick).
A charge demolition, Hayrick, from a Czech company. Internet

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Army in the service in the engineering units to be equipped with Charge Demolition Hayrick during demolition operation.

Engineers from 10th Para Brigade preparing to fire a charge demolition remotely during training in 2019. BTDM

Safety Fuze
The last RTB is for the supply of 30,000 safety fuze which also closes on Dec. 8.
Engineers from 10th Para Brigade preparing to fire a plastic explosives in a 2019 exercise. BTDM

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Army to beequipped with Safety Fuze to initiate an explosion. Safety Fuze provides the time delay required for the blaster to reach the coverof safety before the actual explosion takes place.

— Malaysian Defence

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