New FCR For KD Jebat

KD Jebat in Thailand in November 2022. RMN

SHAH ALAM: The Defence Ministry has issued a request for bids to supply, delivery, integration and commissioned of a new fire control radar optical (FCRO) for KD Jebat (pennant number 29). The advertisement for the item was published on December 26 2023, and closes on February 8, 2024.

There are no detailed specifications for the FCRO in the public portion of the tender documents apart that it is a replacement item for Jebat.

RMN estimates the cost of the FCRO and all the services to be RM11 million which is lower than the cost for the same equipment for KD PerakRM15 million.

The last picture of KD Jebat with the ST1802 FCR. The picture was taken while she was under-taking operational sea training in India in October 2018. It is likely her FCR was taken off the ship when she returned to Malaysia. Indian Navy.

Following the publication of the tender, I checked Jebat social media sites and was intrigued that its FCR – BAE Systems ST 1802 – could not be seen on its superstructure unlike the Chess Dynamics EOTS which was installed a around 2017 and 2018 . In its place it is the Chess Dynamics FCRO.
Former PM DS Ismail Sabri posed for a picture in mid-2021 with KD Jebat. Note the Chess Dynamics FCRO on her superstructure where her FCR used to be. KD Jebat.

The same ST1802 FCR and Chess Dynamics EOTS are accounted for Jebat’s sister ship, KD Lekiu. It was the same combo with which Lekiu fired two Exocets MM40 Block 2 missiles, apart from other things of course, recently.
The BAE Systems ST 1802 FCRO installed on KD Lekiu and formerly on KD Jebat.

A further search of Jebat social media pages showed that the original FCR was last seen on her in October 2018 and it was gone by June 2019. It may well likely that the old FCR was replaced with the Chess Dynamics FCRO when Jebat was undergoing her CMS change.
Officers undergoing courses at the Armed Forces College posed for a picture during a visit to the Lumut naval base in 2021. From left, is the KD Kasturi or KD Lekir, KD Jebat and KD Lekiu. Note the FCR on Lekiu. RMN

It may well be the lack of an FCR had prevented Jebat from conducting missile firings since 2019. That said I have heard other things which may well be the reason for it. Perhaps, it is a combination of all the things.
Akrep FCR from Aselsan, used for illustration only. Like most FCR in the market the Akrep can also control missiles. This was the same as the Contraves TMX/EO FCR fitted on the Kedah class ships. Aselsan.

It is interesting to note that there was a tender for the repair of the FCRO on Jebat in August, this year. The LOA was awarded to AMAX Optronics Sdn Bhd for RM498,000.
HT to Hulubalang
— Malaysian Defence

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  1. @ marhalim

    That “unknown sensor” is a Chess Dynamics FCRO

    It is installed as a part of the Vibrant 1 CMS upgrade around 2019/2020. So that FCR on Jebat is practically brand new.

    Naval News picture of the Vibrant 1 subsystems, including the Chess Dynamics FCRO.

    It is interesting that this “new” FCR is going to be replaced, while the “old” BAE Systems ST 1802 FCRO on the Lekiu is not.

  2. @ marhalim

    FCR is usually not needed to control anti-ship missiles.

    FCR is usually used to track rapidly moving targets (usually aircraft) to be shot by gun or anti-aircraft missiles. Can also be used to guide guns for surface targets.

    Nowdays for gun control, the use of EO turrets only (like the GEM elettronica EOFCS or Chess Dynamics FCEO) is adequate enough.

  3. @hulubalang
    “It is interesting that this “new” FCR is going to be replaced, while the “old” BAE Systems ST 1802 FCRO on the Lekiu is not.”

    Sorry, I am not aware from any of Marhalim report that the new FCR will replace either the Sea Eagle FCRO or ST1802. So it can be any of these two at this point until we get further confirmation.

  4. The replacement is just for the FCRO or together with a new CMS as well? It seems the last replacement had also came with a CMS change.

    Some have mentioned that Vibrant 1 could not be integrated to fire missiles (not sure if its the Exocet or SAM).

  5. @ Luqman

    the tender is for a new FCR for KD Jebat.

    yes you are correct, it can mean a replacement of the BAE Systems ST 1802 FCRO also…

    as there are actually two ST 1802 FCRO on the ship. another one is on the hangar roof. this is mainly to guide the seawolfs if attacked from behind.

    KD Jebat picture from 2021, looks like pushing at full throttle with HMS Queen Elizabeth. Seen is its rear ST 1802 FCRO.

    If this is true (replacement of the rear ST 1802 FCRO) why is this so, as the seawolf is no longer operational, and something like VL MICA, if to be fitted in the future, does not require illumination with FCR (which is why Gowinds does not have rear FCR). If to replace the Chess Dynamics FCRO at the front, that is also strange, as it is practically brand new.

    BTW KRI Bung Tomo class also uses the BAE Systems ST 1802 FCRO, one each at front and rear.
    Currently they are being upgraded, with TACTICOS CMS, STIR EO FCS, and VL MICA.

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