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More MTO Tenders, Ammo and Mortar Bombs

SHAH ALAM: More MTO tenders, small arms ammo and mortar bombs. Back in March, last year, Malaysian Defence reported that the tender for 12.5 million rounds of 5.56mm SS109/M855 ball ammo was awarded to Traumland Sdn Bhd for a contract of RM30.6 million. It is likely that the ammunition is […]

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Rheinmetall takes over Expal

SHAH ALAM: Dusseldolf-based Rheinmetall AG today announced it has taken over Spain’s Expal Systems S.A. Among other, the move brings the group new ammunition production capacity.\ From Rheinmetall: Rheinmetall AG today (November 14, 2022) concluded a purchase contract with MaxamCorp. Holding S.L. of Madrid to acquire the entire share capital […]

Defence Contract

More Whoop A… Stuff

SHAH ALAM: The Army is looking to add more stuff to its armoury from mortar bombs, demolition charges and safety fuzes. As usual the request for bids were published in the eperolehan website and only minimal specifications were made public. The mortar bomb tender which opened on Nov. 13 and […]