Walk Like An Egyptian Part 5

Egyptian Navy MEKO A-200 frigate Al-Aziz. TKMS

SHAH ALAM: Walk Like An Egyptian Part 5. The Egyptian Navy took delivery on October 14, the first of four MEKO A-200 frigate from German shipbuilder, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS). Four ships were ordered in 2018, with the first three units produced in Germany and the fourth vessel built by Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt.

According to TKMS, the frigate Al-Aziz was accepted by the Egyptian Navy after only 38 months of the contract becoming effective. Apart from Al Aziz, the second MEKO frigate was named at the same ceremony, Al Qadeer.

Egyptian Navy MEKO A-200 frigate Al-Aziz. TKMS

After short but intensive negotiations that started in May 2018, the contract for the four frigates was signed in September 2018, with the project work formally starting in August 2019. First steel cutting was already in September 2019 and the launching of the first-of-class took place in April 2021. In July 2021 Al Aziz was named, and on October 14 she was handed over.
ENS El Fateh. Naval Group

From the above, it appears that the Egyptian Navy has beaten the RMN to the punch, twice. First it was the Gowind corvettes and now the MEKO frigates. Furthermore, it is likely all four MEKO frigates will be in commissioned into the Egyptian Navy earlier than our own LCS.
Egyptian Gowind 2500 undergoing sea trials.

Shephard reports that the four MEKO frigates cost some US$2.5 billion (RM11.8 billion) which was the cost of the LCS in 2019. No one knows how much the LCS will cost when all ships are delivered in the navy. The most recent press release from the Defence Ministry stated that the Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd will be negotiating with Naval Group for the determine the cost of contract between both companies (which is not the cost of the whole project).
A CGI of the Belharra/FDI frigate for the French Navy. Naval Group.

Anyhow, the Egyptian MEKO frigates are slightly cheaper than the three Belharra frigates procured by Greek from Naval Group. That said the former are equipped with MBDA MICA NG VL missiles compared to the Aster 30 missiles on the latter. The MEKOs are fitted with a 127mm gun compared to the 76mm gun compared to the Belharra, though.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Does our LMS have any advance weapons or what is the purpose of LMS if it doesn’t have any advance weapons? Just to patrol only?

  2. Guna,

    The “purpose” is to take some strain of the existing FACs and Laksamanas when it comes to routine peacetime operational commitments. Remember that the RMN has both peacetime and wartime commitments; that the MMEA doesn’t have the needed capability and that the LMSs are useful patrol assets which have far better seakeeping than the FACs and Laksamanas. As such; even if only armed with guns; the Batch 1s have a vital role to play.

    BTW the intention is for the Batch 2s to be fully fitted out. Let’s see how things pan out.

  3. Personal speculation wise the plan was that the LMS would evolved like the TNI KCR60. Where the original Chinese equipment is replaced by western equipment and weapons in the subsequent batches while maintaining the Chinese design hulls.

  4. Nah western oems will never allow their equipments to be installed on chinese made boats..But i like the idea of LMS becoming fast attack/missile boats to replace our aging FAC ( infact almost all our navy’s vessel are old lol )..The like of Yoon Yongha class or sigma Fast attack 7311 etc..Id say get 8-10 of them and get 4 new hybrid MCMV+ hydrograpic survey ships..

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