Malaysia signed deal for UK-made SAMs, Part II

SHAH ALAM: Weststar Group has officially announced the Starstreak deal as reported exclusively on Malaysian Defence on Thursday. The release however did not reveal the cost of the programme nor the numbers involved.

It did not even mentioned that the Starstreak LML launchers will be fitted to the GK-M1 Weapon Platform, manufactured by its subsidiary, Global Komited Sdn Bhd. The release did say that “The delivery of the integrated air defense system will come in a complete package that includes an air surveillance/engagement radar as well as a command and control system.”

The release also said that “the system is being procured in part of a trade-in programme of the decommissioned Starburst missiles.” Who knew expired missiles could be traded in for newer models instead just being scrapped and the metal parts sold to the scrap yard!

No pictures were also released apart this one below which had also appeared in Malaysian Defence.

Confirming the deal. Kementerian Pertahanan Secretary General Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Radzi (left0 handing over the contract document to Weststar Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Syed Azman
Confirming the deal. Kementerian Pertahanan Secretary General Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Radzi (left0 handing over the contract document to Weststar Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Syed Azman

The release:
The Weststar Group Appointed As The Main Contractor For MINDEF VSHORAD Procurement

Kuala Lumpur, 3 Aug 2015: The Weststar Group is pleased to announce that it has been recently appointed as the main contractor for Ministry of Defence Malaysia, (MINDEF) procurement of the latest state-of-the-art STARStreak Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) system from Thales Air Defense Limited UK.

The system is a leading VSHORAD system available in the market today, therefore providing MINDEF enhanced capability to protect key national assets against both established and emerging threats.

Witnessing the contract handover at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) were Malaysian Defense Minister YB Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and United Kingdom Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Philip Dunne.

The Weststar Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Syed Azman said, “The deal involves MINDEF upgrading their existing missile defense system by capitalizing on the trade-in opportunity for the previous Starburst missiles with the much-improved Starstreak missiles. This has enabled MINDEF to realize substantial savings in the process.”

MINDEF is delighted with the procurement of the system, as it will be a key part of augmenting the capabilities of the nation’s air defense forces as a whole. The system is being procured in part of a trade-in program of the decommissioned Starburst missiles. The delivery of the integrated air defense system will come in a complete package that includes an air surveillance/engagement radar as well as a command and control system.

THALES has produced the fastest new generation very short-range air defense missiles that can accelerate to a peak velocity of Mach 3. These missiles boast the ability to fly a kilometer within a second. Furthermore, with the assistance of a laser beam, the operator controls all three of the dart-missiles simultaneously. As a result, the laser beam guide increases positive target and reduces the risk of collateral damage.

The STARStreak system has been designed to provide detection, threat evaluation, weapon allocation and engagement of a range of threats including fixed-wing, helicopters, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Malaysian defense industry will benefit through the offset program offered by THALES. Among the benefits to be reaped is the transfer of technology in hardware and software applications that correlate to the system as well as in other related fields. In addition, THALES has also offered training packages for the operator and technicians to ensure smooth operation over the life cycle of the system.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. They also say they gonna to replace ageing anti-air missile like Manpad, Ingla, and other short range surface-to-air missile. That was last few months after their also gonna buy more MBT for new regiment in 2020(kinda).

  2. Will be interesting to see if the RMAF’s launchers will be mounted on a similar vehicle. The RMAF’s Starburst were mounted on Land Rovers and LMLs operated from the ground. As for the RMN, I believe all its Starbursts were operated from LMLS, rather than on 4x4s.


    Igla is a MANPADS.

    Given the declining value of the ringgit and the need to focus on other areas; we should be thankful or happy that at least we have a replacement for the Starburst which was the most numerous of its type in service.

  3. Radin,

    Hey, at least we can be thankful with the new toys for the ground defense instead of waiting for the MRCA that will never show up. As for the MBTs, we can still wait.

  4. Presumably we are getting Starstreak 2. I wouldn’t think Thales would be selling the Starstreak 1 anymore.

  5. Maybe someone will donate to the Tabung MRCA of the RMAF. Boleh dibayar kepada trustee.

  6. I hope ots the mark 2 that we are getting. Arw we just getting the light weight lau xhers or also the turret that can be fixed on top of a van with the complete guidance system?

    only the LML AFAIK which can also be used on the ground or vehicle mounted

  7. All right I am coming clean with what I did in the past. I was involved in selling the Beechcraft MPA to the Malaysian Govt. in 1990.I taught the Beechcraft staff what to do to get the contract. I was young and stupid that I did not charge them (Beechcraft of Kansas) a single cent at all.

    As for Starburst, I am not sure whose idea to buy from UK as a package.
    Now, how can you recycle the parts of old missiles if these items are classified no longer usable? Most end up in museums after the explosives and propellants are taken out.

    GM-K1 is a Chinese made local assembled Hummer where as Uro Vamtacs are being used by ATM. Both are the same?

    Why not just fit it to the Uro Vamtacs?

    Saya sangat jahil.Minta maaf.

    The Vamtacs are made in Spain, indeed they are referred to the Spanish Hummer. They have smaller engines than the US ones. As for the reason it is not fitted to the Vamtacs, it’s simple really, the GK-M1 is sourced from Weststar subsidiary. Why buy from another company? Don’t worry about it though if they decide on the Starstreak to replace GAPU’s VShorads they will probably buy the Rapid Ranger turrets which will be suitable for the Vamtacs.
    The GK-M1s are not Chinese, the engines are Toyota same ones as the ones fitted on the Hilux.

    As for your Beechcraft experience please write an account about it and send it to me I will use it as a guest post.

  8. The fact that Thales agreed to accept back our expired Starbursts would indicate that they have use of the missile; or part of it.


    Irrespective of whether it’s Mk1 or Mk2 or Mk8, we can safely assume that the variant we bought has the latest updates. The missile first appeared in 1997/1998 and has been progressively upgraded.

  9. Although few aircraft can provide the crew with warning against laser guided SAMs, such missiles have not yet been used in combat. The concept has great potential but effectiveness is still unknown.

    I would be more assured if an EO system was developed to automatically track the target and slew the laser. That would take away some dependence on operator training and his eyes and hands.

  10. The latest is only a mark 2. No mark 8 yet. This missile can fly at mach3.5 n has three exploding flechettes at the tip with a beam riding guidance system the flechettes are time delayed n explodes only after penetration of the fuselage. The light weight unit is smaller but not as sophisticated as the turret mounted system

  11. @ AM

    One of those few fighters that could detect incoming laser beam riding missiles (and also other laser trackers) is our own SU-30MKM with the advanced saab avitronics MAWS.

  12. They should consider vehicle mounted Starstreak like THOR on the Gempita AV8.

    Its good the Starburst has been replaced

  13. Surprised Cameron didn’t utilize the recent “field-testing” of the Typhoons by a certain kingdom on hapless civilians to market the platform to RMAF during his recent “layover” in KLIA…

    I was told Cameron was briefed not to talked about Typhoons as his delegation knew Najib was not able to make any promises on the programme. An update on the MRCA programme will be posted next week regarding the latest issues.

  14. Nah everyone,

    LML on a GK M1 platform will do for me. Sitting under a shady tree looking out for unsuspecting aircraft will do me just fine. If no luck, I d just move to the next hill.

    Imagine being in an AV8 or Stormer all day long. They’d need to keep the aircon on all day! Think about the petrol money!!

  15. I should have been more precise. We actually had this discussion in the past. Few fighters have laser MAWS, but it is very common on American helicopters and transport aircraft.

  16. How far Weststar involvement in our defence industry besides supplying our armed forces with super ugly trucks?

    Not much else at the moment apart from the Starstreak deal and the GK-M1.

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