KD Kedah and KD Pahang Decommissioned, Part II

KUALA LUMPUR: The Navy webmaster has replied that there was an error in the page and he will fixed Armada Laut page soon. I am sort relieved.

But I will continue to call people to confirm what is going on with Kedah, Pahang and the rest of the four ships. With the heat on the auditor-general’s report what might turned up next.  They sure chose a good time to have an error on the PVs.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. I checked the website again today (saturday) but the webmaster have yet to update the “error” the omission of KD Kedah and KD Pahang from the TLDM Armada List. Some might regard this as trivial but bear in mind that these ships were given the Kapal DiRaja suffix after, in the case of KD Kedah a sum of RM1.6 million was used for the commssioning. And putting it in the fleet is not a trivial matter. People are promoted, some passed over and some quit due to the inclusion of the ships in to the fleet. The Treasury is also paying more than RM10 million a year to pay for the upkeep of the ships annually (from fuel to sailor’s wages) since these ships are commissioned as a TLDM warship.

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