KD Kedah and KD Pahang Decommissioned?

KUALA LUMPUR: I was looking at the Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia website today and by chance clicked on the TLDM Armada link.

I was surprised to find that the Kedah-class PVs. KD Kedah and KD Pahang, not listed in the armada’s list. Since the link was updated on Aug 15, I do not think it was just a simple error. I distinctly remember about three months ago clicking on the same page and seeing the PV squadron (Kedah-class listed in the list).

Has the navy decided to decommission the Kedah and Pahang for the time being as the problems highlighted in the Auditor General’s report are rectified? If its the case, it clearly shows that the problems with the Kedah class are so serious and deep rooted. Of course the report stated that the both ships were built with steel that did not meet the specifications.

I hope that it was just a matter of being prudent (the decommissioning if it was that and not a webmaster error) as the repairs are done and not a catastrophic failure.

I will try to check on this and update it, ASAP.

–Malaysian Defence.

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  1. Keep us updated on the NGPV ya ? I know it is a cost cutting measures, but i don’t really like the “fitted for but not with” system. How do you train naval crewmen with imaginary arms ?

    Btw, I wonder why none of our ships are equipped with CIWS ?

  2. No new development as off tonight. Will try again. The PV is equipped with a CIWS, the RAM but not fitted. Only the Inderapura bought secondhand got a CIWS gun. Technically the Seawolf on the Lekiu class is the CIWS. I have never asked why no CIWS on most of the RMN ships but since most of them are over 30 years old, its academic.

  3. RMN Laksamana class had CIWS when it came here from Italy. The DARDO system use the Y-gun, OTO BREDA TWIN BARREL. Unfortunately, all of them removed from the source I know. The entire system is nowhere, but the Y-gun is still operational.

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