Cheap, Upgraded Sea Kings For Sale

SHAH ALAM: Cheap, upgrades Sea Kings for sale. The U.S Department is selling up to a dozen refurbished S-61 Sea King helicopters.

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The General Services Administration (GSA) is already auctioning off the first five S-61Ts – with the U.S. civil registration numbers N107WK, N122WU, N375WS, N575AW, and N898WC – each of which has a starting bid price of $500,000. This does not meet an unspecified reserve price for a final sale, though. The State Department plans to sell its remaining fleet of these helicopters, 13 in total, via GSA within six months, according to the Department’s Press Relations Office

The article further said:

The State Department S-61Ts were based on donor airframes that came straight from Navy. That service had retired the bulk of its Sea Kings in the 1990s, but did continue using them in very limited numbers into the late-2000s. The State Department obtained other SH-3s from the Bone Yard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. The very last of Navy’s SH-3s had originally rolled off of Sikorsky’s production line in the 1970s, though many did receive significant upgrades in the decades that followed.

Sikorsky developed the S-61T conversion process with Carson Helicopters, which involved a major overhaul of the airframes, as well as the addition of significant upgrades. The updates included a new main rotor assembly with five Carson composite material blades, a glass cockpit, improved avionics and other mission systems, and modular wiring assemblies to rapidly install additional systems per the customer’s request.

The State Department had agreed to purchase up to 110 S-61Ts when it signed its contract with Sikorsky in 2010. The specific requirements for the Air Wing’s helicopters included adding missile approach warning sensors, decoy flare launchers, added armor for the crew, and provisions for door-mounted GAU-17/A Miniguns.

PTU Jen Affendi Buang accepting the log-book of M23-37 from Airod CEO Datuk Ibrahim Bahari at LIMA 17 on March. 23.

As you are aware RMAF is also operating a single Nuri which had undergone an upgrade program. The status of the second one remained unclear. Originally it was planned that all of the Nuri still in service will be upgraded but it is looking more unlikely at the moment.

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