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SHAH ALAM: California Dreaming. Despite what I wrote on the previous post regarding the new 11th Squadron, I can say now that the UAS to be delivered soon is not the MALE-UAS being considered for RMAF. It is in fact basically a smaller one, a training tool before the procurement of the MALE-UAS which is expected to be funded in RMK12 which starts next year. It is likely the MALE-UAS once procured will be operated by the squadron though.

You can read more about it here at Janes subscription website. I apologised for not putting the whole story here as there are many people out there who just copy and paste stories on their website as if it is their right.

Anyhow, things may also change if the talk of a new government is realised either via a show of support or a snap general election.

It must be noted that RMAF cannot simply buy a MALE-UAS without having the training and preparation including experienced personnel in unmanned aircraft, first. RMAF did not have any difficulties in absorbing the EC725,A400M and the Pilatus PC-7 MK II as it had long experience similar aircraft. The same cannot said about the Mig-29 and Sukhoi Su-30MKMs though.

Paratroopers from a Hercules during the 2019 Pahlawan exercise. MAB

Talking about the A400M, Airbus announced that it had achieved full certification to drop 116 paratroopers simultaneously on June 2.

The successful dispatch of paratroopers during the flight test campaign over Ger Azet drop zone in southern France in September 2019.

Airbus press release.

The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has successfully achieved certification of the simultaneous paratrooper dispatch capability and completed the full industrial development of the type’s paratrooping deployment capacity, with a maximum dispatch of 116 paratroopers using both side doors (58 + 58).

The certification fight test, completed in May 2020 in coordination with the French Armament General Directorate (DGA) and supported by the French and Belgian Armed Forces, combined an extensive paratrooping campaign of more than 1,000 jumps along with the implementation of new capability development methodologies based on recording and 3D modelling of paratrooper jump trajectories.

“This certification completes a challenging journey to achieve this next generation capability. The achievement reinforces the strategic value the A400M already offers to air force operators and society, as demonstrated during Covid-19 times,” said Dirk Hoke, Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence and Space.

With the completion of this key milestone, the A400M excels in its paratrooping role, being able to carry 116 paratroopers who can jump two at a time from the ramp in freefall, or through the paratroop side doors with automatic parachute opening, a state-of-the-art capability that greatly increments its operational possibilities.

— Malaysian Defence

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