UAE purchase two Erieyes for USD220 million or RM739 million

KUALA LUMPUR: The story below is self-explainatory. But since we are reportedly in the midst of purchasing the same system (as I mentioned before the deal was set to be signed last year but fell through due to the economic crisis), the UAE contract should be a benchmark for our deal.

According to my calculation, the deal is worth RM739 million. I must admit for starters ours would be much higher even if we purchase the same type of aircraft, the SAAB 340, due to the middleman mafia. The AEW deal is one of the most important item for RMK10, which according to some, defence would only be allocated RM5 billion, yes, a billion a year…..

Saab signs contract with United Arab Emirates for airborne surveillance system

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract for the sale of an airborne surveillance system to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The contract is worth approximately 1.5 billion SEK.

The contract covers two Saab 340 AEW (Airborne Early Warning) systems, comprising of the Saab 340 aircraft equipped with the advanced Erieye radar system. The contract also includes ground equipment as well as logistics and support services. Together with associated ground equipment, the system will provide a detailed situational picture that can be used in conjunction with, for example, border control and rescue operations.

“We’ve been conducting discussions with the UAE for several years concerning an airborne surveillance system,” says Saab’s CEO Åke Svensson. “This contract is an additional proof of our expertise and international competitiveness within the field of network-based solutions for defence and civil security.”

Saab’s Erieye surveillance system is a market success. The first Erieye surveillance system was delivered to the Swedish Air Force on a Saab 340 aircraft platform. The system has also been sold to Thailand with the Saab 340 as a platform, and this time the United Arab Emirates. The radar system has also been installed on the Embraer-145 aircraft and is operational in Brazil, Mexico and Greece. The system will soon be delivered to Pakistan on Saab 2000 aircraft.

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