GGK Officer Killed At Capability Demo

SHAH ALAM: GGK officer killed capability demo. Major Mohd Zahir Armaya from the Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) was killed in an capability demonstration at Kem Lok Kawi, Kota Kinabalu today. Bernama reported that
the officer was the son of 1980’s actor AR Badul. The 36 year old from 11 Rejimen GGK based in Sg Udang, Melaka left a wife and five children.

The Army said in a release that an investigation into the death of the officer has started.

Mej Mohd Zahir Armaya. Mindef picture

The capability demonstration was held at the camp as part of the ceremony to mark the formal formation of the Fifth Division of the Army by its chief Gen. Hasbullah Nawawi. The new division replaced Task Force 450 which stood in March 2014, which was disbanded yesterday. TF 450 was set up in the aftermath of the 2013 Lahad Datu incident.
GGK operators conducting a demonstration on Aug. 3 as part of the deactivation of Task Force 450. Tentera Darat

The Army also formally stood up the Tawau based 13th Brigade at the ceremony. The brigade was also stood up as part of the response to the Lahad Datu incident.
Task Force 450 flag being lowered as part of its deactivation ceremony on Aug. 3 at Kem Lok Kawi. Tentera Darat.

The Fifth Division will now be headquartered at Kem Lok Kawi while the Fifth Brigade which had been headquartered there will now be based in Kem Paradise in Kota Belud.
It is unclear when the third brigade of the Fifth Division will be stood up. It was reported previously two units from the 31st Brigade based in Sarawak will be transferred to Sabah to be part of a new Rejimen Sempadan brigade.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Not a great way to inagurate the 5th division.

    Condolences to the family and to all who knew him.

    Back with the 5th division. We now know it will consist of 5th brigade, 13th brigade and in the future the new 32nd border brigade. Will the rotational forces from semenanjung for ESSCOM be under the purview of the 13th brigade? As for artillery, 6 RAD with oto melara pack howitzers will be also under 5th Division? As 5th Division is already separate from 1st Division Sawarak, i hope that there will be a new 105mm regiment in sarawak. Also as the 4 KAD is in sarawak, i hope that one of the cavalry regiment in semenanjung can be transferred to sabah.

  2. How the lad got killed!? Rest in peace…

    It’s a duelling style shoot out. He shoot first and true but the second shooter missed hitting the top part of his body armour. The bullet lodged into his back probably hitting his spine. He died after being transferred to hospital

  3. Innalillah.

    Such sad accidents do occur. Its tragic. God loves him more. May arwah’s family and friends be strong.

    Hopefully the people wont be too agitated on pointing fingers and making ridiculous comments. Respecting the passing of a soldier is one thing, respecting the family and friends is another.


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