Re-Tender of the FIC?

SHAH ALAM: Retender of the FDIC? In July last year, the Defence Ministry requested for bids for the procurement of fast interceptor craft (FIC) and maritime utility helicopters (MUH) for the RMN. We know that the MUH bid was cancelled shortly after that and was reissued shortly later with changes to bidders eligibility.

The FIC tender went ahead though it became apparent later that the industry was very unhappy about it. The matter was even raised in Parliament, with an MP asking why the FIC tender – as with the first MUH tender – was opened for bidding for suppliers instead manufacturers.

One of the FIC built by BYO Marine Sdn Bhd for APMM.

The issue came to head in December, last year when the matter – the FIC tender – was raised in a report with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency (MACC). The MACC head was reported on December 19 that the matter was being investigated.

RMN CB90 Combat boat

I am not purview to the MACC investigation but it appears that the industry was using it to push for a retender altogether. Whether or not the FIC deal will be retendered , I am told, will depend on the decision of the minister and his top civil servants. I am told that if a retender was called the number of FIC will be reduced to 16 though the budget remained at RM200 million. For more details on the FIC go here

Dockstavarvet 16 meter interceptor operated by Mexico.

Anyway based on inputs from my sources it appears that the RMN FIC has very similar specifications to the current in service CB90.The RMN FIC is to be armed with a 12.7mm caliber machine gun, to be operated remotely, and two light machine guns.

The interior of 16 meter interceptor of Dockstavarvet.

Whether or not there will be a retender for the FIC is beyond me at the moment. The matter I am told is being complicated further as the selected bidder is also pushing for the government to go ahead and award the tender to it or in the event that the tender is cancelled that it will be not be retendered but purchased by a government to government negotiations instead.

— Malaysian Defence

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