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SHAH ALAM: Standing in the eyes. It appears that RMAF is the world leader in using the Airbus A400M airlifter so much so that the company has awarded an award to the service. RMAF chief General Ackbal Abdul Samad accepted the Fleet Leadership Award on behalf of the service at the Singapore Airshow 2020 today.

From Airbus

Ackbal receiving the award from Airbus. Airbus

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has received a Fleet Leadership Award from Airbus in recognition of its record-setting utilisation rates for the A400M.

For 2019, three of RMAF’s A400Ms recorded the highest number of flight hours, with one aircraft surpassing 2,000 flight hours, and another two aircraft recording nearly 1,900 flight hours. This makes the RMAF the global fleet leader for the A400M for the second year in a row.

Between August and September 2019, RMAF also achieved 100% fleet availability with the A400M over 40 consecutive days.

In recognition of RMAF’s outstanding achievement, Airbus Defence and Space, represented by Bernhard Brenner, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales, presented a token of appreciation to RMAF’s Chief of Air Force, General Dato’ Sri Ackbal bin Hj Abdul Samad, at the Singapore Airshow today.

The delivery of RMAF’s first A400M took place in March 2015, with the second and third aircraft arriving in December 2015 and June 2016, respectively. RMAF’s fourth and final A400M was delivered in March 2017.

The A400M is the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available, combining state-of-the-art technologies to fulfil the current and upcoming armed forces’ needs. The A400M combines the capability to carry strategic loads and support humanitarian and disaster relief missions, with the ability to deliver even into tactical locations that have small and unprepared airstrips, as well as to serve as a frontline-tanker. The RMAF has proven the A400M’s capabilities on-the-field with many missions performed over the recent years.

Malaysia is Airbus’ first export customer for the A400M. Other operators of the A400M include the German Air Force, French Air Force, Spanish Air Force, Royal Air Force (UK) and Turkish Air Force. Belgium and Luxembourg will receive their first aircraft later this year.

— Malaysian Defence

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