Singapore Airshow 2020

RSAF Apache and F-15 Eagle display for Singapore Airshow 2020. RSAF

SHAH ALAM: Singapore Airshow 2020 was officially opened today under the shadow of a deadly coronavirus outbreak prompting many exhibitors and attendees to skip the biennial show, one of the most heavily attended in recent times in the Asia Pacific region.

The airshow was officially opened by Singapore’s coordinating minister for Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan and Defence Minister, Dr Ng Eng Hen at Changi Exhibition Centre. The Malaysian delegation were among the biggest foreign attendees with Defence and Transport ministers, Mohammad Sabu and Anthony Loke, present at the opening ceremony.

Mohammad Sabu and Loke at the Singapore Airshow 2020 ribbon cutting ceremony. Experia Events.

The Malaysian armed forces were represented at the show by the Chief of Defence Force General Affendi Buang and RMAF chief Gen Ackbal Samad. Two RMAF aircraft, an Airbus A400M airlifter and a Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker, are also taking part in the static display.

RSAF static display at Singapore Airshow 2020. RMAF Flanker and A400M are on the far left corner. RSAF.

Despite the various reports by the media on the various cancellations, Experia Events, the organiser of the show gave a more positive outlook of the event.

The biennial event that is taking place from 11 – 16 February 2020, expects 40,000 trade visitors and over 930 participating companies from more than 45 countries.

“The strong show of support among some of the world’s top global aerospace and defence companies is a testimony of the importance and relevance of the Singapore Airshow as a prime gateway to Asia’s buoyant markets,” said Mr Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director, Experia Events Pte Ltd, organiser of Singapore Airshow 2020. “We look forward to a week of strategic dialogues, expansive networking and powerful collaboration that will shape the pace of transformation of Asia’s aviation industry.”

RSAF Apache and F-15 Eagle display for Singapore Airshow 2020. RSAF

I had registered for the airshow but the decision of the Singapore authorities to raise the threat level to orange due to the coronavirus outbreak last week led to me skip the show this year altogether. Hopefully the outbreak will be under control soon.

Mat Sabu with the crew and technicians of RMAF Sukhoi squadron. ET

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Why MY help Russia promote sukhoi? Is there any agreement on that?

    There are only 6-8 flyable MKM. Why insist on sending one to the show?

  2. Romeo,

    The statement by the Defence Minister was last year. At this present moment whose to say there are indeed only 6 operational?

  3. Mybe because the singaporean invited us nicely..thats why we send them there..okay la only static display not on flying display like before..

  4. @ Romeo

    Malaysia sent its delegation not to promote russian aircraft, but to show support singapore and singapore air show. Singapore has always done the same too for LIMA.

    Off topic

    Some of the recent acquisition by the philippines

    1. 2x 94m Coast Guard OPV from Japan. Based on JCG Kunigami-class OPV. USD66.5 million each.

    2. 12x Elbit ATMOS 155mm 52cal self propelled howitzer to equip 2 batteries. The cost is USD45 million.

    3. Turkey 6x FNSS Kunduz Armoured Amphibious Combat Earthmover. No values has been published yet for this buy.

  5. “Why MY help Russia promote sukhoi? Is there any agreement on that? There are only 6-8 flyable MKM. Why insist on sending one to the show?”

    Why do we hold open houses all over the country, perform at LIMA and have Merdeka day fly pasts? Why do pilots pose for photos and autograph posters?

    These are PR and recruiting tools. You have to show your very purpose before you expect people to appreciate the importance of your organisation or consider it as a career.

    Just because the event is overseas doesn’t mean nobody at home is watching.

    At the last Singapore airshow or the one before that, we announced we couldn’t send a fighter to perform or be displayed because available aircraft did not match commitments. But we still sent an A400M to the static display.

  6. @romeo
    Who knows, maybe Sukhoi paid for the trip down. Don’t mind if they do, but upon returning the planes and crew need to quarantine 14 days.

  7. Fiedaus – “Mybe because the singaporean invited us nicely”

    Not “maybe”. They did – that’s how things work.

    It’s the same reason that RSN ships have always been at LIMA and RMN ships at IMDEX. After a long gap (the RSAF was at the 1st and 2nd LIMA) the RSAF returned to LIMA at our invitation.

  8. Latest from Singaporw airshow
    1) Singapore would be buying the Bofors 70NG for their manpad requirements
    2. Thailand would be getting 8 Boeing little birds armed with Hellfire missiles n the precision kill weapon system plus miniguns n unguided hydra rockets

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